About the Unofficial Kodi Addon Community

It was the end of 2011, the XBMC community was very small and tight knit, with only two third party addons that gave you access to the good stuff. Everyone was getting their addons from the official Kodi web site, and there was no Fusion Installer.

XBMC was beginning to grow exponentially in popularity, fueled by Apple TV jailbreakers using it as a sort of living room streaming app. The official Kodi team decided that in order to protect their project’s integrity, it was time to disavow the third party addons that made it so popular in the first place.

XBMC HUB (which would later become TV ADDONS) was launched in early 2012 as the home of unofficial, third party addons for Kodi. At the time, there was still only two addons. Then came the Fusion Installer, which made loading these addons so much less complicated.

Back then, there was not a drop of information on how to use XBMC on the web, we began writing documentation and looking for ways to make the addon experience easier.

Apple TV was the big platform at that point, but installing Kodi onto it was ridiculously difficult for the average person. If you weren’t familiar with command line, good line. It was in response to this difficulty that we released our first big Kodi helper app: the nito Installer.

More and more people began getting involved and suddenly you saw new addons popping up regularly. Users wanted to install all of the most popular addons, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of manually configuring each, one by one. This is when our Config Wizard came into play, it made it a pleasure to configure Kodi.

It was the release of XBMC for Android that began to complicate things. Due to the availability of cheap Chinese manufactured Android TV boxes, people started to think of Kodi as a way to make money. Forecasting that this type of profit minded behaviour would poison our community, we took a strong stance against it. Why should people make money selling the code that our developers release for free?

During the Summer of 2014, the official team behind XBMC announced that future versions of the media center would be called Kodi. The name XBMC (which stood for Xbox Media Center) no longer made sense, and its developers wanted to branch away from the reputation as a free TV app, that it had unintentionally gained. In response, XBMC HUB rebranded itself as TV ADDONS.

Over the years, splinter groups have come and gone, while TV ADDONS has always remained the only legitimate source for the types of addons and tools we provide. At the end of 2016, our addons boasted a combined total of 36 million active users.

TV ADDONS is owned and operated by a company based in the Caribbean, with infrastructure hosted on offshore servers located around the world. The integrity of our community and the privacy of our users is our utmost concern.

The Evolution of Our Logo

About the Unofficial Kodi Addon Community

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