RIP Adam Guerbuez: Crypto Promoter and Spam King Died

RIP Adam Guerbuez: Crypto Promoter and Spam King Died

We weren’t sure whether we should be the ones to announce it, but since he contributed generously to our founder’s legal defense we felt that commemorating his life (and setting the record straight) would be the right to do.

Adam Guerbuez, 43, was a self-described “spam king,” who is most well known for losing a lawsuit to Facebook in the amount of 873 million dollars.

Despite his checkered past, he was a prominent member of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community. In recent months, his name came up regularly in association with John McAfee and other cryptocurrency evangelists.

He ran a YouTube channel called High on Crypto, was active on Twitter, and was a public proponent of Bitcoin for almost a decade.

Details of his passing are not yet entirely clear, but we are told that it was of natural causes relating to a heart failure.

People loved to hate him, and he enjoyed that sort of notoriety. He will be certainly be missed in many online circles. What happened to his Bitcoin will probably remain a mystery forever.

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