Here’s How Anyone Can Help Rebuild the Unofficial Kodi Community

Over the past year, we have been working extremely hard towards rebuilding the unofficial Kodi addon community. We have already managed to regain about 15 million active users, no small feat. When we relaunched in August 2017, we have 0 active users since we lost access to our repository update server.

This time around we are focusing on building a more resilient, decentralized community which will be far less susceptible to attack. It started with the Git Browser, which gave developers the ability to develop freely without having to align themselves with bigger groups to facilitate promotion and distribution.

While developers work on the creation of fiercely innovative new Kodi addons, we are asking that regular users get involved by helping us rebuild other aspects of our community. We can’t do everything ourselves, and a community is only as strong as the support it has from its members.

Depending on your technical abiliities, there are different ways to contribute towards our community…


  • Visit our web site daily and disable your ad blocker
  • Follow our new profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Give us a 5 star review on our Facebook page
  • Ask questions and talk about cordcutting at our forums
  • Promote retro video gaming on Kodi (Nintendo, Sega, Atari)


  • Visit our web site daily and disable your ad blocker
  • Install Kodi for friends and family using this method
  • Share this guide over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Publish developers’ GitHub usernames and link to this guide
  • Answer questions and write guides at our discussion forums


We need new people to get involved in our community just as much as we need donations to help cover legal costs, servers and rebuilding efforts.

After you’ve at least attempted some of the options above, any financial contribution you can afford would also be very much appreciated. We are going to need to upgrade to new servers shortly and definitely need the help!

Here's How Anyone Can Help Rebuild the Unofficial Kodi CommunityHere's How Anyone Can Help Rebuild the Unofficial Kodi Community
Thank you to everyone for your continued support of our community, big things are coming soon that are sure to shake things up.
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