Bell Canada: Profiting at the Expense of the Canadian Public for Far Too Long (Discover Cheaper Alternatives)

Bell Canada: Profiting at the Expense of the Canadian Public for Far Too Long (Discover Cheaper Alternatives)

Did you know that you can likely cut your internet bill in half by switching from Bell Canada to a reseller? We’ve listed a few altenatives at the bottom of this page!

Bell Canada has been making huge profits at a huge cost to the Canadian public for far too long. They have too much power are what you’d call too big to fail, as such they disregard their customers and the country that made them the telecommunication powerhouse that they are today. Bell owns much of the Canadian news and entertainment media, the biggest internet service provider in Canada, the biggest phone company in Canada, the biggest television provider in Canada, and who knows what else.

When was the last time they called one of their lifelong customers to offer them the same low pricing offered to new ones? Why is it that resellers can offer customers cheaper pricing on the same internet service? The icing on the cake is their recent attempt to pressure the Canadian government into allowing them to maintain their own list of sites which should be blocked from the entire Canadian internet. Since they own much of the media, stories of their malfeasance often go untold. Canadians need to stand up to corporate telecom giants like Bell before Canada becomes the next country to lose Net Neutrality.

Please find a selection of headlines involving Bell Canada below. If you think this is messed up, look into switching your internet and phone service to a reseller, we’re going to list a bunch at the bottom.

Alternatives for Internet/Phone Service

These services literally run off Bell Canada and other large telecom companies’ networks, yet offer fair pricing that is substantially more competitive…

Alternatives for Cable TV Service

That’s all we have to say for now. Please do everyone a favour and share this information with your friends, family and coworkers! We want to hear about your experiences with Bell Canada and other Canadian telecom giants in the comments below…

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