The Black Sheep of the Unofficial Kodi Community (Kodi Doomsday Prophecy)

The Black Sheep of the Unofficial Kodi Community (Kodi Doomsday Prophecy)

There are a few groups of bad characters out there who are threatening the very existence of the unofficial Kodi addon community. Kodi was never supposed to be about sales or profit, it’s supposed to be about sharing and collaboration. Right now there is a lot of talk in the news about Kodi in the UK and Europe, mainly because of the wrong type of attention that comes with people selling preloaded Kodi boxes and paid IPTV services. We started our community with the purpose of providing refuge to free and public Kodi addons when the official Kodi forums banned discussion of them. We didn’t put years of our time into building this community so that profit seekers could prey on our user base, take advantage of our open source development and steer legal trouble in our direction.

Let’s get something straight before we begin, anyone who doesn’t contribute code to either the official Kodi source or to Kodi addon development, should have the respect to not ruin it for the rest of us. It was one thing to see people selling devices preloaded with our Kodi addons, but it’s a whole other thing when you start to see the Kodi name dragged through the mud in the news on a daily basis. In the UK, there’s a different news article daily about someone who got busted for selling preloaded Kodi boxes or paid IPTV services. This is slowly bringing the wrong kind of attention to developers, the kind of attention no one wants. Developers will eventually all quit if this continues.

If we want the Kodi addon community to continue to exist, it would be a good idea if certain groups of people could slightly modify their methods (see bold text at the end of each paragraph), we’re really not asking a lot compared to what we bring to the table!

Preloaded Box Sellers

While the guy around the corner selling preloaded Kodi devices may seem harmless, he’s part of a bigger picture, a piracy epidemic. We’ve seen the issue start in the UK (the epicenter of Kodi profit seekers) and slowly spread into Europe. New laws are being passed specifically to deal with the Kodi box selling “epidemic” and are making it increasingly worrisome for those who are developing Kodi addons. Eventually some form of law enforcement will find a way to put an end to it, and end which will likely take the entire Kodi community with it. It’s illegal to sell these preloaded Kodi boxes, and it’s bringing heat to everyone. There’s a big difference between open source code being distributed freely online and a prepackaged piracy product being sold in shopping malls. If you’re a box seller, please don’t preinstall addons onto devices you sell.

Paid IPTV Services

The next thing are these paid IPTV services. Most of them turn out to be scams anyway, what kind of successful business model has ever involved reselling stolen property? It’s one thing for these services to exist on their own, but lately these services have made it their business to target Kodi addon users. They figure Kodi users are already looking for free content, so why not try to market a paid sports package to them? Again, it’s one thing to make addons that scrape content readily available online, but it’s a whole other thing when you start involving profit and the actual distribution of content to which you don’t own the rights. Since these services are essentially marketing themselves exclusively as Kodi addons, they are bringing even worse heat to those of us who actually contribute free, open source code. If you’re a paid IPTV service, please don’t market yourself as a “service for Kodi.

Certain Kodi Blogs

Now let’s get to the topic of clickbait sites, or what Trump likes to call “fake news.” It is one thing to use the word “Kodi” in your site names (against the Kodi trademark policy), but it’s a whole other thing to steer legal heat in our direction. If you look at our site, you won’t find anything about specific content such as movie titles or announcements about where to watch specific sporting events. Those kinds of articles bring the wrong type of attention to Kodi, and serve no real purpose to the majority of Kodi addon users. Although these sites might be attracted to the idea of bringing in an extra 2000 readers here and there, articles that discuss specific content (how to watch [insert sporting event] on Kodi) hurt the existence of Kodi addons and Kodi itself. Some sites may think they’re helping us (or helping the users), but really they’re contributing to what will lead to the demise of Kodi. If you’re a Kodi blog, please stop posting about specific movie titles or sporting events.

We’re not trying to be the Kodi police, but as a significant contributor of code that provides actual functionality to users, we’re pleading with everyone to do their part to ensure the longevity of the Kodi community. We’re already forced to constantly move our servers and addons developers are beginning to grow fearful. And if you’re a regular user, try to be aware of what’s going on and what Kodi is all about. It’s about sharing, collaborating on open source code, learning new things and having fun. It’s not about making it rich off selling preloaded piracy TV boxes and related services. Thank you to all of you for your continuous support of our community and cooperation during these troubling times.


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