Kodi Addons Blacklisted: Transparency Report for November 2018

Once again, we have no choice but to blacklist certain Kodi addons which could be seen as problematic legally. We kindly ask that these Kodi addons not be discussed, nor distributed, over our platform.

Unlike other user generated platforms like YouTube and Reddit, we are being forced to take preemptive action against any Kodi addons which could potentially be used for infringing purposes.

You’ll notice that we’ve changed the way we categorize the blacklisted Kodi addons. Once abandoned addons fully lose their functionality, they are no longer potentially infringing.

We’re considering allowing the discussion of code relating to abandoned (non-functional) Kodi addons for educational purposes in the near future, but not just yet.

Useful Compliance Details

For the record, we’re not stopping anyone from downloading these Kodi addons on their own, we just can’t be part of it.

Blacklisted Kodi Addons (and Forks)

This list consists of Kodi addons (and forks) which have been banned since August 2017. Developers listed in brackets will not be welcome here, although this ban may be appealed should they cease distributing blacklisted addons.

Current Kodi Addons

  1. 9Anime: plugin.video.9anime (dxcx)
  2. At The Flix: plugin.video.AtTheFlix (maverick53)
  3. cCloud TV: plugin.video.ccloudtv (kodibae)
  4. Dramatic: plugin.video.dramatic (wilson-magic)
  5. Dubbed Anime: plugin.video.dubbedanime (wilson-magic)
  6. Elementum: plugin.video.elementum (elgatito)
  7. Exodus: plugin.video.exodus (kodibae)
  8. Exodus Redux: plugin.video.exodusredux (I-A-C)
  9. Gaia: plugin.video.gaia (gaiaorigin)
  10. JokerSports: plugin.video.JokerSports (maverick53)
  11. Masterani Redux: plugin.video.masteraniredux (wilson-magic)
  12. Orion: script.module.orion (gaiaorigin)
  13. ReleaseBB: plugin.video.releaseBB (bugatsinho)
  14. Seren: plugin.video.seren (nixgates)
  15. Sparkle: plugin.video.sparkle (iwannabelikemike)
  16. Release HUB: plugin.video.theyidrh (kodibae)
  17. Toonmania2: plugin.video.toonmania2 (doko-desuka)
  18. Ultimate IPTV: plugin.video.uiptv (kodibae)
  19. Ultimate Whitecream: plugin.video.uwc (kodibae)
  20. XXX-O-DUS: plugin.video.xxx-o-dus (kodibae)

Abandoned Kodi Addons

  1. 1Channel: plugin.video.1channel (kodibae)
  2. SportsDevil: plugin.video.SportsDevil (kodibae)
  3. Death Streams: plugin.video.blamo (wilson-magic)
  4. Anime Incursion: plugin.video.animeincursion (nixgates)
  5. Chappai: plugin.video.chappaai (mrblamo420)
  6. Chocolate Salty Balls: plugin.video.chocolatesaltyballs (mrblamo420)
  7. Covenant: plugin.video.covenant (covenantkodi)
  8. IceFilms: plugin.video.icefilms (iceballs)
  9. IceFilms: plugin.video.icefilms.new (iceballs)
  10. Incursion: plugin.video.incursion (nixgates)
  11. Magicality: plugin.video.magicality (wilson-magic)
  12. Neptune Rising: plugin.video.neptune (mrblamo420)
  13. Placenta: plugin.video.placenta (wilson-magic)
  14. PureSoccer: plugin.video.prosoccer (purerepo1)
  15. SkyNet: plugin.video.SkyNet (maverick53)
  16. Sportie: plugin.video.sportie (kodibae)
  17. WatchNixtoons: plugin.video.watchnixtoons (nixgates)
  18. Yoda: plugin.video.Yoda (supremacy)

We apologize again for any disappointment this may cause, as well as for the fact that our platform is being forced to self-censor to such a severe extent. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to visit our discussion forums anytime.

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