Dutch “Kodi Build” Creators Settle with the Anti-Piracy Group BREIN

Dutch "Kodi Build" Creators Settle with the Anti-Piracy Group BREIN

We’ve just received some quite disturbing news. It turns out that BREIN, the Dutch anti-piracy outfit, has been secretely scaring “Kodi build” creators into signing settlements with them. It seems that their modus operandi is to uncover the identity of one Kodi build developer and then have him or her turn around and help them uncover the identities of his or her friends. The problem is that that BREIN might be scaring people who may be innocent and can’t afford fancy lawyers, into signing settlement agreements under duress. It should be noted that builds were always banned at TV ADDONS, so this has nothing to do with us.

Through this approach, they’ve already managed to have about a dozen “Kodi build” creators sign secret settlements that involve: admissions of guilt along with a full statement listing past associates, agreement to cease development of anything related to Kodi, and the promise to keep the whole thing a secret. They’re told that by signing the settlement offer, they will not be prosecuted for past “wrongdoings.” They’re also forced to agree to a clause that stipulates that the violation of their agreement will result in a fine of 500 euros per day.

The problem here is that these developers and “builders” might not have broken any laws whatsoever, but don’t have the money to hire the kind of lawyers you need to fight BREIN and other copyright bullies. This means that regardless of whether they are right or wrong, they have been forced to admit guilt. They’ve also agreed to financial penalties in the event that the agreement is breached, but who’s to say whether they breached it or not? BREIN could at any point come back and say the agreements were breached, at which point the developers in question could be forced into any number of other overreaching settlement stipulations.

The question we have to ask ourselves is, what other secret settlements might certain developers have signed? Are certain developers really who they claim to be, or are they secretely agent of BREIN trying to bring on the demise of the Kodi community as we know it? We have strongly discouraged developers from being involved in the development or distribution of any Kodi addons that might potentially be capable of accessing protected content. TV ADDONS has at least been capable of mounting a legal defense against wrongful lawsuits, whereas others who have families and what not might find mounting a defense to be an impossible feat.

Now, before we start hearing nonsense from people who are claiming that TV ADDONS can’t be trusted, realize that those same people have likely sold paid IPTV and fully loaded boxes in the past. Anyone who is trying to bring down TV ADDONS is effectively trying to destroy the community’s only chance of proving itself legal in court. By weakening TV ADDONS, it will be lot easier for them to bring down Kodi once and for all. At the same time, those individuals attacking TV ADDONS could very well already be employed by anti-piracy outfits like BREIN.

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