Bypass Site Blocking and Censorship with a VPN for Kodi

Not so long ago, China was the only country to censor its internet. Everyone thought it was oppressive and dystopian. Since then, online censorship has swept across the globe.

Bypass Censorship for Only $2.99/Month

United Kingdom, Europe, South America… Not exactly places you think about when you think about censorship. Most of us would think of the Middle East or Asia, when in fact site blocking is now everywhere except for the United States, Canada and a couple others.

It usually starts with blocking of pirate websites, followed by online gambling. By the end, governments will block “fake news” sites, social networks, and even block in the name of “consumer protection.”

Bypass Censorship for Only $2.99/Month

What is one person’s “fake news,” could be another person’s truth. If you want to be able to surf the web on your own terms, without being blocked or having your privacy invaded, we strongly encourage the use of a VPN at all times.

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Bypass Site Blocking for $2.99 Get a VPN
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