Attention Canadians: Save 50% on Your Internet by Switching ISPs Today

Attention Canadians: Save 50% on Your Internet by Switching ISPs Today

The average Canadian might not realize it, but our country’s telecom infrastructure is being run by a cartel. Less than a handful of companies operate the backbone that runs telephone, cable and internet lines into our homes. While we can’t avoid dependency on their lines into our homes, we can move our contracted services to resellers which offer lower pricing, better service, and most of all: respect.

The Canadian Telecom Cartel has been subsidized by the Canadian tax payer since long before any of us were born. Yet instead of thanking the public for enriching their shareholders, they do everything they can to try to take more of our hard earned money. Our research has concluded that switching to a reseller like TekSavvy or EBOX can save you about 50% on your services, while increasing speed…

* Click Here for TekSavvy *

Click Here for Distributel

Click Here for EBOX

Click Here for Altima

Click Here for Acanac

For the record, as of the time of publishing we have not been rewarded or compensated in any way, shape or form by any of the companies listed above. We are simply referring them because we want our users to save money, and we have many friends who are satisfied with these companies.

Please tell us about your experiences with ISPs in the comments below, and if you signup to any of the services above, let them know that we referred you!

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