Castaway Kodi Addon Removed Due to Copyright Complaint (

All traces of the Castaway addon for Kodi have been removed from our web site and forums due to a complaint made within a lawsuit filed against us by Bell, Rogers, Videotron and TVA. They allege that the Castaway addon infringes upon their rights, so we have removed it in order to limit potential liability. Furthermore, it appears that the Castaway Kodi addon hadn’t been updated in over a year, meaning it was likely no longer operational. As far as we know, the developer of Castaway who goes by the name natko1412, has since retired from the Kodi addon community. There do not appear to be any working clones of Castaway being distributed at this time.

Castaway was apparently a popular addon that was developed for streaming live sports and events. Since the addon is no longer functional, we would recommend removing it from your system in order to avoid potential issues that can arise from lingering outdated code on hyour device.  We do not expect natko1412 nor Castaway to surface anytime soon, since the developer appears to have announced his retirement in October 2016 over social media. It should also be noted that several big corporations are claiming that even the act of using such addons is illegal, although the legality of streaming isn’t actually clear depending on where you’re located.

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