cCloud TV Kodi Addon Removed Due to Copyright Complaint (

cCloud TV Kodi Addon Removed Due to Copyright Complaint (

cCloud TV has been removed from our web site due to a complaint made by Bell, Rogers, Videotron and TVA on June 12th, 2017 as part of their lawsuit against our web site. Prior to hearing of the lawsuit, we had never received a single complaint relating to the cCloud TV addon for Kodi. cCloiud TV for Kodi was developed by podgod, and was basically an interface for the community based web service that goes by the same name. As far as we’ve been told, podgod has ceased development of this addon, but it appears that others have forked it where he left off.

The cCloud TV web service appears to remain operational, since it had no official ties to the Kodi addon which bears its name. We have been forced to remove all traces of the cCloud TV Kodi addon from our web site and forums, in order to ensure that we will not be held liable for any potential issues that may or may not be made clear in court at a later date. It should also be noted that the use of this addon may constitute a breach of the law, although the legality of streaming is really not clear at this time.


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