Censored in Canada: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Accounts Seized Without Trial

Censored in Canada: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Accounts Seized Without Trial

In case you aren’t already aware, not only were our domain names and property seized without trial last summer – but all of our social media accounts were too. This is because Bell, Rogers and Videotron convinced a court that our social media accounts should be held to “preserve evidence.” The problem is that social media accounts can be easily backed up, without even needing access to tthe actual accounts, since everythting is public on social media. And once they had access to our accounts to back them up, why did they have to keep them? What could have possibly gone missing? Absolutely nothing!

Seizing property without trial is one thing, but seizing someone’s means of communication is another thing entirely. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were the only mediums we had that allowed us to communicate with our user base. We never required registration, we can’t just email our users. Even if we win at trial, what difference will that even make? Our original domain name and social media accounts are all but worthless almost a year later anyway. We just want to keep it in everyone’s minds, that way no one forgets how the Canadian legal system endorsed censorship.

Just to make things clear, once you either print out, scrape, or download a backup of your social media profiles – there is no way that anyone could possibly argue that there is any “evidence” left to be preserved. Bell, Rogers and Videotron know what they are doing; they wanted to destroy us and they succeeded. We were forced to launch under a new name, and register all new social media accounts months later. Even after the court ordered their return, they kept them, and six months later manipulated the appeals court into finding in their favour.

All it took to completely silence and censor us, was a simple “claim.” One that to this day has gone untested. It’s sad to think that a free country like Canada would allow an online platform to be completely silenced while they are awaiting trial. Had we had those accounts, with far more followers than we have now, we would have had a lot easier a time fundraising for our already ridiculously expensive legal defense.

If you’d like to help, please share this post over social media. Tag your local politicians and news sites in the social media comments. Help us get them back! We are working as hard as possible to rebuild, and are at the same time fighting two massive legal battles. Please consider making a donation if you can afford. Thank you for your continued support of our community.
Censored in Canada: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Accounts Seized Without TrialCensored in Canada: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Accounts Seized Without Trial

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