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    YouTube Updating

    Thanks for sharing helpful information
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    Desi Zone in AJ Addons Freezing

    Now not working at all , can someone look into it please
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    Tamil tv

    we all are missing Indian Addons,
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    The Ro**l We

    we are missing a lot
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    Hello Everyone

    I am new here and trying to learn new stuff , appreciate to all Developers hard work
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    Indian addon

    I am waiting for it , Thanks
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    Newsy Addon (Discontinued)

    Thanks a Lot
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    Request Jio Play App

    Very helpful details you have posted for KODI users and thanks a Lot for your help to each other, much appreciated
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    Did you upgrade to Kodi 14.0 yet?

    Yes I have updated my G-Box MX2 with openelec and Kodi 14 Helix, Thanks for this poll and updating details
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    Hello Everyone

    I am happy upon joining this forum and thanks to everyone who spent their hard work, interest to make such a nice forum, addon and helping each other.