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    Optimizations for slower-CPU devices

    I am sorry eldorado I didn't khnow that , i m not a dev :( . I just thought it is like youtube addon is working good on small devices maybe this will do the same . I think it is possible to play public files (not my own ones ) using this format by invoking the plugin with...
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    Optimizations for slower-CPU devices

    hi is it possible to mke some resolvers work like in this addon I used it for a while and noticed no buffering nd more stability or maybe we can use it when needed especially for uptobox links and others like the youtube addon for youtube links.what do u think? cheers
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    More resource with this addon

    More resource with this addon (beststreams,uptobox,gdrive and more .. I was using this plugin by dmdsoftware , for a while and it is great to play videos from websites non available in the resolver like uptobox and firedrive etc it is a good option to add to the user . these websites are...
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    Streamza (New Service)

    mine is here the site is limited I can't access torrents i want ?! Please note that this is a referral link and it helps the use who posted it. Also the service is not be out limited in space for new users. They have been around for about a year. From showgun
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    Help plz how to make videos on youtube play in 480p per default

    hey guys, how can I make the youtube videos play on 480p quality per default ? in youtube addon the option quality field there is only or 720p or 1080p or ask ! is it possible to change it to full qualities (360p,480,720,1080 etc) like in other addons .and thx .
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    Curious to see how many members watch anime?

    hey anime fans I wach animes time to time I likes death note it was my favorite one I enjoyed somùe episodes from Bleach too mm the new anime attack on titan looks good too I only saw the first ep though but it looks well done . ah I saw episodes from Magi anime it was funny one .