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    Which VPN server is best to use?

    I also use VPN almost on all devices. I tried several services. I should say, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark are really good (the last one is a great torrenting VPN for sure).Also I read that CyberGhost is also worth trying.
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    Game Discounts

    Thanks for sharing, guys! I like playing games. And of course, it is great to find out about special offers. By the way, I've recently discovered (link removed by RavRob) and was happy to use it. Maybe this info will be interesting for other gamers.
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    Interesting Parallels Between The Cannabis and File-Sharing Debates

    Interesting post. I wonder why I didn't find it before. guess, this information is actual today when marijuana is legal in most states. CBD products are proven to be beneficial for health, and many people use them (most of them by prescription). And I should say, it was a good idea to compare...
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    News Microsoft Puts Blocks On In-Browser Minecraft Clone

    To be honest, I haven't heard about it. Thanks! I used to play Minecraft, but haven't done it for a long time. I prefer visiting online casino usa sites now. But I noticed that Minecraft still has many fans, so I'm going to check it out.
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    Install kodi on my Amazon firestick

    Good info! Thanks for sharing! It's a pity I didn't find it before. I cut the cord and bought Amazon Firestick. When I was installing Kodi on it, I face some issues and had to look for the solution. I was lucky to find a good article that helped me a lot...
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    Release Kodi Medication Reminder

    Great info! I find things that help me to take care of the health to be very helpful. Modern technologies can this process really easier. Thus we can order all necessary meds online and read the descriptions of them there (here (link removed by RavRob) helps me a lot). Frankly speaking, I didn't...
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    VPN Expiring. Need Recommendations

    I tried SurfShark and I liked it a lot. But I found a great NordVPN deal on Black Friday and ordered it. Usually it is very expensive, but I got it much cheaper, and I'm glad about it. I've been using it for several months now and I'm pleased with it.
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    I've just found this thread and realized that in 2013 I also knew nothing about Bitcoin. But I'm lucky that I decided to invest in it (after a long research, of course). I want to say, don't be afraid, guys! Such investments are surely risky, but you don't have to invest all your money in...
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    Can't find new HGTV shows anywhere?

    Frankly speaking, I haven't heard about Sling TV. Is it still available? Speaking about travel programs, I can recommend to check these travel channels. If you are a big fan of such shows like me, you will something interesting for you for sure there. Hope it helps!
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    Streaming During A Flight

    Interesting info! Usually I download movies I want to watch during a flight. Frankly speaking, I didn't think about using Kodi before. There exist useful travel software that can be really helpful on a trip. I was lucky to find this collection and have already tried some of these tools. So...
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    Git Browser

    I guess you can find the answer here . I have recently also installed git browser . I like this browser cause it makes it possible to install any Kodi addon directly from its developer's own GitHub repository. This is incredibly convenient.
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    3d xxx

    It sounds funny and interesting! I've never thought about watching porn in 3D. My husband and I like watching firecam shows with beautiful girls. So I wonder whether it is possible to watch them in 3D or not? :D
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    I was in the same boat, so I decided to share my experience. When I was looking for a good developer, I found out that there are countries that offer many programmers who are ready to do high-quality work at a reasonable price. One of them is Ukraine. This country suggests developers with high...
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    Developer for a new project (Paid work)

    I'm pretty new to this forum and I've just found this post. I want to say, if you want to find a good developer/employer/constructor, it is possible to check such platforms as, Wadline, VenturePact, ContractIQ and GoodFirms. They provide reviews about companies in such categories as...
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    Which VPN is Best?

    When I was looking for VPN that would work for my Kodi, I was looking for something that didn't cost pay fortunes and I also needed a step by step guide on how to install it. By luck, I discovered an informative resource - https://www.firesticktri***.com/best-vpn-kodi.html that recommended...