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    Popular Kodi Add-ons Quit Following Prominent Piracy Lawsuit

    THIS! They need to be careful and quiet until such time as the legal issues are hashed out. There is a reason why there is a right to remain silent in the US! LOL
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    Dish Network Sues ‘Zem*V’ and ‘TV Addons’ For Copyright Infringement

    Kodi and other streaming boxes aren't going anywhere...And they were never a replacement for Torrents anyway. As one Addon goes away another will eventually pop up in it's place. What I expect is to see some of the IPTV providers start adding some of the same On Demand functionality that some of...
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    Dish Network Sues ‘Zem*V’ and ‘TV Addons’ For Copyright Infringement

    So the question here now is.... How long before TV Addons has an Onion Address and creates a TOR friendly Indigo (which is still a totally legal addon) so even if they attack the public site it will have very little affect?
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    a95x 2gb x 16gb UPGRADE is not easy! and might crash!

    Nope Just once....Go to play store, uninstall the old Kodi then install the newer version! It doesn't get any simpler than that!
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    Question about Priority and Multiple Debrid services

    I guess it makes a ton of sense....
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    Question about Priority and Multiple Debrid services

    Thanks for the explanation of Debrid...I was never sure what it was doing or why with it set it was still searching sources...I only knew that once I subscribed to premiumize I stopped getting SD sources and almost always found an HD source right away. That explains everything to me! I thought...
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    Question about Priority and Multiple Debrid services

    Just curious as to what it the best way to prioritize debrid services in the resolver... I have a Free Real Debrid account and a Premium Premiumize account. Currently I have it set so Premiumize is at 95 and Real Debrid at 99. But would it be better to reverse those so it searches the free...
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    Skin is automaticlly changing

    I can confirm that the Original Owner of Xonfluence has recently updated his skin! My suggestion would be to uninstall whatever Xonfluence skin you currently have and install it from the original author. Then whatever changes you make should stick after the skin updates.
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    Request What is desperately needed is a Souped Up Simple IPTV Client!

    The biggest issue with Simple IPTV client is that you are really at the mercy of a provider for channels and EPG info and can't really add other sources not included by the provider to the channels or the guide. Echo Guide is a very good alternative that provides full listings but mapping...
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    a95x 2gb x 16gb UPGRADE is not easy! and might crash!

    All you had to do was load go to the Play store.... Search for Kodi. Select Uninstall! It would have told you the version you had was NOT from the play store and ask you to confirm uninstalling. Then when it was uninstalled all you had to do was Install from the Play Store to get 17.1 and have...
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    Surround Sound Not Working

    What is your Kodi Box running on? If it is Android that could be the issue. You might want to look into LibreELEC which supports Kodi fully. Also be sure to check the Audio settings in Android proper!
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    Kodi / USENET / SABNZBD / SONAR / NAS ----Where to start?

    Making the NAS available outside is rather easy... First you will have to config the router to forward the proper ports to your NAS. Then work out how to call to it depending on your IP assignment. Your ISP will change your IP from time to time which will break any mapping you make outside the...
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    Music Library Issue

    Have you considered adding a USB drive to the unit? Most boxes will ask you if you want to use them as your storage.
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    Kodi 17.1 video stalling issues via SMB

    I would bet money that the problem is the Laptop putting the WiFi adapter to sleep after 20 minutes. So in Win10 check your advanced power settings... Open Settings - System - Power & Sleep - Additional - Change Plan - Advanced - Wireless Adapter - Power Saving Set to Maximum performance There...
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    Always Updating Library on Start, unwanted!

    Go to settings, Media and shut off scan for new content on startup.