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    My aTV Just Isnt What I Thought it Would Be!

    sorry to hear about your frustration. make sure you have the Broadcom BCM970015 card. did you use the crystalbuntu patch installed to the HDD? ATV1 's with this setup are fast and wonderful
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    Hi CrystalHD is a great on the ATV1 however it is based on the 8.04 unbuntu Sam has promised an update to the latest by year end the link below states the code s still available for 8.04 but you will have to manually recompile for the 8.0 variant...
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    power switch for ease of reboot

    hi just found this little inline power switch. It is really handy for the times you may need to hard reboot. A definite "10" on the WAF regards
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    Which is better ?

    also have the ATV 1 with crystalbuntu .. hands down the best. as well most of my extended family have the same