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    Tv brief loss of signal when loading kodi since being on 17

    It's in the Fire Tv display settings. It was originally default "auto" and I changed it to 720, 60hz to match my older tv.
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    Tv brief loss of signal when loading kodi since being on 17

    Thanks I was able to fix it. You were right it was adjusting to refresh rate. When I took it off auto and set it to fixed rate, it is no longer doing that. Thanks.
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    Tv brief loss of signal when loading kodi since being on 17

    I've got several fire devices and a nvidia shield tv running Kodi. My gen 1 fire tv box will lose tv signal for about 3 seconds when opening kodi or when returning to the amazon tv home screen. It's not my tv, as I've tried it on other tv's in the home. I've already factory reset it and upgraded...
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    Does security flaw only affect those using subtitles?

    I never use subtitles, but many of my streams have them embedded or something. Am I at risk? I will be updating it eventually anyways, but I'm I'm not at risk, hopefully don't need to rush.
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    Which uses less storage: trakt tv vs adding to favorites

    Also, can you think of any downsides to using Kodi favorites to save tv show shortcuts over using trakt, other than it not syncing across multiple devices like trakt lists will?
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    Which uses less storage: trakt tv vs adding to favorites

    I'm wondering if adding tv shows and movies to Kodi favorites would use up more Fire Tv memory than using trakt to save favorites? I'm thinking all those favorites may create extra thumbnails? If so, would there be a way to clear them once in awhile without deleting favorites?
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    tv input problems after krypton upgrade

    I factory reset my box and it still didn't fix it. However, reverting back to kodi jarvis did.... It's good now...
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    tv input problems after krypton upgrade

    On my gen 1 fire tv, after I updated from 16 to kodi 17 krypton, my tv now briefly loses input signal to fire tv whenever I open kodi or return from kodi to fire tv home screen. It lasts about 5 seconds. It happens on both tv's that I've tried it on, with different hdmi cables also. It's also...
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    Please explain priority number 90 vs 100

    Ok. What does it do?
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    Please explain priority number 90 vs 100

    I've been using real debrid with priority 100 and just read it should be 90. What's the difference and should I change it? Thanks.
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    What are search results like with debrid free versions?

    Real debrid gives free debrid happy hour which happens to be 12pm to 6am here in the est. What happens outside of that window? Will debrid links still show up on top of list and be unplayable, or do they get filtered out/removed? I am referring to links in SA*TS, and in Ex**us. Thanks.
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    Addon just to announce upcoming new series, especially netflix/hulu originals

    There are a lot of netflix and hulu originals I end up loving but only accidentally come across them. Main network television series are easily discovered but Netflix and Hulu are not. I'm sure there are a lot of other users like myself that would love a way to explore upcoming/current...
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    How to get notified of upcoming new netflix/hulu originals

    I would like to cancel my netflix and hulu but there are really good originals I love watching in there that I don't know how I would discover them without subscritpions.... Any ideas?
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    Any addons that use plex g2g?

    I really miss that channel from plex, and curious if I can have Kodi access it somehow......
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    Nothing playing on KODI

    I had similar issues today. Someone suggested it was a failed url resolver update. However, what fixed my problem is uninstalling and reinstalling the addon. Try it and see.