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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    Can't figure out how to edit my previous post above. Now that I'm home again it's URLResolver that's breaking The Crew just as the previous poster said. The only way to prevent URLResolver from breaking The Crew is to roll it back and turn auto update off then reinstalling The Crew. Mine is...
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    Actually I'm getting a little pissed off. I don't profess to know what's going on, but Indigo is now removing The Crew and I think it's through ResolveURL (I get confused with URLResolve). Which ever is controlled by TVAddons is the one. Can't get The Crew back unless I roll the ResolveURL back...
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    I still feel The Crew has something to do with this. Within seconds of reinstalling Indigo The Crew module updated itself. It was as if it was automatic and too coincidental for me to believe it was a random update. I rebooted and back to the same old same old with an Indigo error.
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    I uninstalled the repo and everything I could find yesterday. Didn't help because when I rebooted Indigo still disappeared. Where is the addon ID found?
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    Forgot to add that the disclaimer on the add-on information states: The author is not responsible for your addon. The author is also not responsible for breaking your stuff. You have been warned.
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    Here's an interesting tidbit in "The Crew Repo > Program Addons: Fu*k (spelled out) Indigo. Summary is: Force deletes Indigo on Kodi startup Author: MuadDib Version: 0.0.1 I don't have this thing installed, but I think it's safe to say this is the creep.
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    Indigo keeps disappearing

    Any updates on this? I have to reinstall after every reboot.
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    Welcome back everybody

    Hey Rob! Only found out by accident last night after Indigo did an update. Got a 403 error when I tried the site, but today she's wide open! I changed the source from .ag to .co and see the repos populating and that's always good. Had to get creative over the last while by adding Cazwell...
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    Cant find indigo zip file on fusion server

    Nice to see several updates coming though today. Thanks to all concerned. Patience peeps!
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    Malicious URL in Tvaddons?

    I use this site to check out URL's - In the scan list of about 30 or so there is one called hpHosts that has an alert. Can't connect to the site for more details, but given the rest are saying this site is safe I'm going with it's a false positive for...
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    Indigo Tool "Slow or no Download available"

    Yeah, took a long time downloading it to my FTV, but it eventuality did. The package wasn't that big when I used the maintenance tool to remove it.
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    Cannot enter KODI due to TVADDONS screen

    The only suggestion I have is to replace the batteries for your Firestick remote. There's just no reason you shouldn't be able to use the direction keys of the remote.
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    WTF are all these I love TVAddons messages all about

    Totally agree with merging all these countless threads that are cluttering up the active topics page. You can mass merge up to 200 threads easily. No time to waste...haha!
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    WTF are all these I love TVAddons messages all about

    Yep, I noticed a popup box yesterday after I rebooted my box saying to thank the developers here. I thought we were being hit by strange spammers until I read that.
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    cannot post on cordcutters

    I have to be honest here, as far as I'm concerned you ain't missing much. I gave up on that site long ago. We used to allow hardware discussion here and that I miss.