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    marked as "watched" function not working !

    The answer to this issue lies with one of the dependencies installed in Kodi. To be specific it is the Metahandler. The issue is caused by the updated version of the Metahandler which is installed by anyone having the Ex**us Redux repository installed in kodi. If you fallback ( or update ) to an...
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    Indigo - Notifications Opt-out Setting Not Working!

    As the title says - since the latest update of Indigo to version 4.0.18 I keep getting unwanted notifications despite opting out in the settings. Any chance of a fix please?
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    Release iTV Player

    Hi Wiz - just a heads up to let you know that none of the ITV live channel streams are working today. I'm in the UK so I'm not geo restricted or using a vpn. It's been working flawlessly up till today. Otherwise catchup tv is still working superbly. Many thanks.
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    Release iTV Player

    Nice one - you're a diamond, thanks very much. I've just updated it and given it a try and it's spot on.:)
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    Release iTV Player

    For the last two or three weeks I can't get any catch up links to work. As previously advised by you, on a different forum, I have the " Use HLS For Catchup " setting unticked so that the subtitles work. I really need this feature and the unticked option used to work really great. Now though...