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    Hello, not trying to hijack just want to back up what everyone else is saying..I have installed this repo and many others in kodi and I am able to get the zip files downloaded and also download the repo zip, and then it populates TVADDONS.CO Add-on Repository under...
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    Ok hopefully not a dumb question

    Spoke too soon tried opening Ex**us it's all jacked up with a foreign language
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    Ok hopefully not a dumb question

    Ok found it and deleted it and restarted thought I should, it did it again. Earlier it was doing it without going into the settings. With nothing really to lose just uninstalled everything then reinstalled fresh redid fusion so far it is good. IDK maybe corruption from Windows install? It was...
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    Ok hopefully not a dumb question

    Sorry forgot been there before will try again
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    Ok hopefully not a dumb question

    I tried looking for that file and all that I find is rss feeds.xml. I am running 16.1 forgot to say. Accidentally deleted a response so sorry if any confusion. Looked all over my kodi inside of program files and do not find guisettings.xml. Wondering if a reinstall would help nothing to lose no...
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    Ok hopefully not a dumb question

    Ok thanks for the response went looking for it but all I find in there is rssfeeds.xml no gui looked all over in program files.
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    Ok hopefully not a dumb question

    Hello all, I just updated a slightly dated laptop to W10 and all the drivers and such are good to go so no problems there, should not be. Anyhow the weird problem I am having is whenever I go into Kodi system settings that is by the way modified of course with the best addons, the language...
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    Cable Cutters Forum experience first off

    Hi, Went to the Cable Cutters website and looked around and thought ok not a bad idea all this in one place so I signed up and then introduced myself and usually you would want to give respect to the people who have sent you there so I did but oh no I get *****this for Tvaddons. Well I...
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    Newbie - Whats The Best Action To Take When I Turn on The M8S Box For The 1st Time..

    Hello and welcome. About a month ago we purchased a M8S android box from Globmall on amazon as a present for parents but wanted to make sure it was good to go first. As you say it was advertised as preloaded and it was with kodi 15.2 and had just about every repository there is available on...
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    HTPC setup running TVMC Hello all, Could not find the subfolder so thought I would just put it in. I started with a Silverstone Lascala case bought used from the bay as most of my equipment is as am very frugal always looking for a bargain. The Motherboard is an Asus P5Q SE/R with Intel...
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    Do you own a digital antenna?

    My wife and I are hashing around the idea of cutting the cord as well and having tv in the rooms like we do with cable was one of the questions, I was thinking about doing just like you did, but feared signal loss. although was going to try anyhow. I also was thinking about just running ethernet...
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    KODI or TVMC

    No need to install the fusion installer when installing TVMC, it does everything for you. That is the beauty of the software. Maybe when you redid everything to TVMC it messed up something, I say just install it again but let it do it's thing. I have installed it numerous times with success. But...
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    kodi not very reliable

    Kodi and TVADDONS and TVMC and all the developers ROCK!! Never had any problems that I did not create myself that was not easily fixed by reading the wiki or visiting the forum. As far as TVMC it could not be any easier. Have installed on many machines and even on my phone, spreading the word!!
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    My htpc setup..

    way to go using some of the older stuff instead of it becoming e waste, with all the business changing there computers over there are plenty of options available for cheap.
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    audio amplification not working

    Thank You mj71 that worked perfectly. I checked it out then tried something, adjusted it to 15 then saved for all videos then went back and reset my pass thru and it stayed, hopefully everything else keeps on. Another thing I noticed I installed the seven icons shortcuts well the search...