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    A&E USA Channel Not Workind

    I am wundering myself if the addon is illagsl....?!
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    say goodbye to your money. Bitcoins do not exist, it is "hot air". When you want to cash-in, it is gone !
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    fast addon to post tv shows just on live TV

    YOURwords: "I am looking for a addon that is quick on posting tv shows that just played live on tv, ". Well, ADD-ONS do NOT post tv shows etc. Addons search/scrape/etc. Get yor facts wright. are mentioning ILLEGAL ADDONS!
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    Total Noob

    the declining od all your apps has NOTHING ro do with Kodi 18.5 till 18.8 ! Many addons are not being service by their developers, that is the risk off buying an all-in Box that "someone" keeps up to date. It is better to install Kodi 18.8 from and install only addons that are in the...
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    Free TV viewing application for android?

    For Free TV, IF that exist, go to the SITES from the TV-broadcaster and ask THERE for the OFFICIAL APPS and working AND in WHICH countries it works, because there ale limits and rules and copyrights !
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    Videodevil Not Working

    That addon is maybe nót from TVADDONS ? So..........wrong forem.
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    Kodi v 18.6 crashes

    I've sometimes have thesame issue with a self-installed kodi 18.6 and Ex...s *.8.5.5. Some people say that it is the HEVC option in the settings of your/every add-on, you have to disable it because if the player cannot play such a file it exits the addon and exits Kodi. I have tried this option...
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    help please to use kodi

    NO! Kodi is a EMPTY service. Just like WIndows, more or less. You have to add/install ADDONS yourself and adjust the setting in the ADDONS at your wishes .
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    VPN Notification

    I know of ONE addon that gives that message after each update. Normally the addons give a message of the changes that are made, this message shows only ONE TIME, would help if you mentioned the addon(s) that you use, IF the addons are the is poissible that you have unwanted...
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    Bought the VPN network where do I download it?

    No, no tips. From WHM did you buy it ? Where did you buy it, shop or internet ? If on internet, you then have the homepage of the seller, so............ I also bought VPN ON the site AND downloade the software ON THAT SAME SITE, perfecty logical AND legal !
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    what is the reason for your question ? I do not think that your question is allowed on this forum, hence the addon that you use. Use the ResolverUrl & UrlResolver from TVADDONS in combination with a good Kodi and a good addon for great streaming !
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    Resolver fix

    very strange ?!I I have néver had problems with both resolvers ! Nó empty or forbidden links when presented a list of links to stream my series ! Maybe your installation an/or add-on is faulty/not-up-to-date, ór you are using an addon that is still running but not being serviced by the developer...
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    How do I get Indigo to work?

    Normally these preloadex boxes have a normal Kodi withall the settings etc. You could install a original official version of Kodi from (Google apps store, or zip file via Kodi on your box, or a zip file with your PC on a memory stick that you then use to install on you stick with for...
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    News SafeKodi: Researchers Help Kodi Users to Spot Malicious Addons

    Very interesting and a usefull tool, I will test it.
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    VPN is legal in Belgium

    First: your question has nothing to do with TVADDONS, in my opinion. The most countries in Europe allow VPN services because VPN is being used for privacy reasons like banking/surfing etc. Ofcourse everyone knows that VPN also can be used for illegal matters. Even without VPN illegal activities...