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    Hey Everyone! First Day Here

    I'm running 16.1 "Jarvis" on a new Amazon Fire TV Stick. The add-on is Cas**way, and I'm located in the U.S.
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    Thoughts on IPVanish and VPNs in General

    Hey everyone! I just joined today and was curious to get some feedback on what people thought of IPVanish, and also just get some information on necessity of VPNs entirely. As you can tell, I'm very new to this, but always love to educate myself. I'm currently running Kodi 16.1 "Jarvis" on a new...
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    Hey Everyone! First Day Here

    Hey everyone! I'm a newbie to all of this, so I just wanted to say hello, and thanks to everyone who contributes to awesome forums like this! With that being said, where should I go post a new thread about a Kodi error that I am experiencing? Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to (eventually)...