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    Best Case with Fan for Raspberry pi 2

    I ordered case like that before. ...THE FAN IS TOO LOUD[emoji34] ...... I just used a regular case & purchased heat sinks instead
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    Hi, advice on cloning Kodi

    Bump....i would like to know how to do this also
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    Just got my G Box Q Whats next, how do I update?

    read up here
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    Request My first Music addon

    I frequent that site quite often. ..hope u can get that to work in kodi....bump
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    Is there a way to cancel or stop "working..."

    Ive been wanting to know the answer to this....Thx Rontom
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    Share your wallpapers

    On gboxq On RaspberryPi
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    What antenna are you using? I have cut the cord need help.

    I made this and put in attic👍
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    Can you give me some info regarding the Matricom G-Box Q ?

    I would read up 1st..... lot of users having issues with ethernet & wifi:
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    I'm so close ....

    I think if you have a big enough sd card you can install both (rasperian & openelec ) using berryboot
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    What platform do you running Kodi on primarily?
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    M10 5-core? compared to Gbox-Q......

    Could u post a link or picture?
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    App Launcher AFTV (root NOT required)

    I stumbled across this skin for helix. . https://seo-m*** Its custom made for Aftv or other andriod u have andriod apps on your kodi home screen. ...i boot directly into kodi now! ...alot more custom tabs too
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    App Launcher AFTV (root NOT required)

    It works...once installed it can launch any launcher or app at boot...i use this with Firedtv launcher..tested with Nova launcher...the only way i was able to get to amazon page was to push setting button twice
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    App Launcher AFTV (root NOT required)

    Thx for sharing going to test tonight
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    Raspberry Pi v.2 model B

    Searchin all over cant find one for sale in the US