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    goto and download the by zip file. than in kodi -> system ->addons chooseinstal from zipfile and select the zip you downloaded. once installed goto system-> video -> subtitles and select at standard subtitle service for tv shows ...
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    the size of the file or video

    the bigger the file, the higher the quality..
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    Dolby 5.1 audio and buffering

    i use 5.1 audio 1080 and 720 streams all the time, 9 out of ten won't buffer (long enough to notice) and i'm not using a debrid source. also i don't have a high internet bandwith connection, 12mbps is the highest i can get on good days.. my htpc has way way lower specs than an nvidea shield, so...
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    problem with add ons not working on fire tv stick

    is your system time and date correct? sometimes the system date/year is way off and the add ons get screwed because they use the date and year for searches and such
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    Kodi Jarvis update: strange video color.

    found that tip on the kodi forums and tried that already.:cool: but sadly it didn't change a thing. i'm not trying to knock on kodi.. hell no! i search for a solution to a problem, and if the kodi or tvaddons forums can't help me i don't mind. if there are just a few with a particular problem...
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    Bug yellowish playback

    i had the same problem with Jarvis. no one could help me here or on forums, so i switched back to 15 and solved the color problem. it's only on one of my Win7 pc's (my htpc...grrr) and directX is updated, video drivers are updated, tried different render settings, yada yada etc etc...
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    Bag of Kodi questions

    i ment the non official kodi add ons. the stuff that's in kodi so to speak. savest add ons are the ones downloaded from servers and servers. pre installed add ons by box sellers are often "tinkerd"with. as far as the apps on your android box go.. pre installed stuff (GAPS)...
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    Bag of Kodi questions

    1: yes. autoplay is on some addons. it will try the links it has found until an active stream is found. 2: you are correct, your device can't handle it with the current settings, or not at all. you can try to write or change your advanced settings xml file. this file tells kodi several things...
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    Clear cache

    it clears the kodi cache which contains files who were needed to install add-ons, setup a skin, etc etc. you can clear the cache and speed up kodi a little without worries.
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    addon for more accurate source sort orders

    to know the real quality of the streams, the streams must be opened and reviewed/checked.. this will take a lot of time to sift through all the results and check them.. you'll select a movie to watch..... wait for about 30 /45 minutes (238 results or so who have to be openend and checked...)...
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    Which device do you use to run Kodi?

    my main HTPC is an (old) acer office system running a dual core @2.60 GHz with 2Gig RAM. with Win 7 ultimate 32bit. this one does all my HTPC needs: runs Kodi, runs my MYsQL database, has all my music and movies on it, provides the back ups for my other kodi systems, controls my network printer...
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    REAL-DEBRID Problems

    i can see your point, and i see the RD point. before i go into that deeper, first the money issue.... as far is know do the most major debet card companies offer the same customer care as it was a credit card. so you can try to contact Visa and ask them to start a dispute and reclaim the money...
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    What skin or customization for best experience?

    i'm loving the Titan skin. nice, fast interface and fully customisable.
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    I have a question about library

    ow.. i didn't know that. (i have no firestick.) in that case.. all you can do is get a trakt account, sync it with your library and later sync it with SA*TS. in SA*TS all your series and movies who were in your library will show up in my series / my films. and my lists. when you cleared your...
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    Kodi Jarvis update: strange video color.

    when i upgrade again i will try this. thanks :)