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    Spam reported.
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    Love the software, couple issues

    Yes I have had this problem myself before but with the TV shows, You may have to go into one of the movies in your library under the video menu on the home screen and select a movie. Then right click on that and select the "change content" and then select the movie db or universal movie scraper...
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    Love the software, couple issues

    Look at the link below and have a little read, especially the note highlighted bit in yellow. Thats why the movie on home screen is greyed out I belief. Add-on:Confluence/Settings - Kodi 2.1 Home screen options Note: "Movies" and "TV shows" are only available options when you have scanned videos...
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    XBMCHUB Graphics Showcase

    I wasn,t keen on the splash screen of kodi so I updated it a little. :) (Subtle change) You can find yours on a windows PC in the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\media ORIGINAL MY NEW ONE. A LITTLE BIT OF A FUN ONE. :)
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    Little help please

    Think I cracked it it? Add-on:Confluence/Settings - Kodi I think its all to do with when you scan them in. If I changed the content to TVDB and scan it populates the list with items: TV Shows/In progress TV Shows/Recently added episodes. (When just scanning the TV shows.) Now if I leave it...
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    Little help please

    Just need a little help, Not sure if anyone can point me the right direction but I have searched everywhere for a solution to my little problem. Kodi 15.1 and gotham 13.2 side by side and the sub menu under Videos/library takes me to this page. (Below image) Now the items that am not used to...
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    İs it moral to add track usage stats of your addon?

    Don,t think you,ll get much satisfaction with it since a while back it caused quite an uproar in these forums? And it will probably cuase an uproar again if it happens. Even an addon was made to combat the problem. If you do a search...
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    Download section?
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    Server Busy

    Received this today after trying to refresh a page? Bit different than the usual server busy message. :) "Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator at...
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    Server Busy

    Its getting where you don,t want refresh the page or click a subject matter, Because you don,t know how long it will take before you get into the forums? If people like myself feel like this and are persevering (Just.) then I hold little to no help from new people coming across. :( I know its...
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    Server Busy

    Seems to be getting worse trying to get on. And what a pain when you write something and then server busy message when you try and post. Got to be hurting the community when all this is going on. Not giving a nice look to new people who are coming along?
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    This Addon is a load of Rubbish it Never Works

    LOL mirageuk. Now am here I guess its a Merry Christmas to one an all.
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    UK Cinema Calls Police on Kids With iPhones Over Piracy Concerns

    Now that would be better if you got one of these sandwich boards and stood outside with the message on. :D
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    Request Wanted: Animated Graphics

    @blueboy65 Am not right into making gifs but I have a couple of football wallpapers in the link below. (jpeg) If they,re any good your more than welcome to download them for use. :D Or if your after one in a certain team maybe I could put something...
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    Researchers Make BitTorrent Anonymous and Impossible to Shut Down

    This really sounds great. :D Hope it does everything its says on the tin. (Happy dance )