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    Raspberry PI like device gonna ship with raspbmc.

    Anywho... I thought I read from Sam that this is not meant to compete with the Rpi, it's a basic solution for technophobes and grannies. Now mine can watch "Murder she wrote" whenever she wants and won't have to be distracted by the multiple boxes with flashing lights and cables going everywhere.
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    Raspberry PI like device gonna ship with raspbmc.

    Nice! Way to go Sam.
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    Last post wins

    What is happening?
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    Picture quality

    What's the old saying? "You can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter". Depending on your stream, it is probably standard definition. Not much can be done to improve it. You could set the image size to original, it would be a small box in the center of your TV but would look better.
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    Man! xbmc runs fast on atv1

    Just a heads up! This weekend I installed a nightly, can't see which one it is right now, and the the old ATV is working awesome! Including WiFi which has been touch and go lately.
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    Nitro tv

    They have a live version you can use. It will run slower then if installed on your HD. Everything you need to know is on the Openelec Wiki / forums. It really is worth the install, be warned the ATV can be finicky with booting from USB.
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    Dying Board

    Sorry, forgot to mention. They sent me another but I had to order it and pay for it. Shipping also.
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    Dying Board

    Hey there, I've returned one board to Newark, Called them, told them the problem. They gave me an RMA number, and a UPS label. It took about 2 months before they credited my card, But they did. I was worried because the kid at the UPS store insisted that they would seal the padded envelope...
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    Any music addons working?

    I love to use 8 tracks, not sure if everyone know this but you can chose a bunch of different playlist and then skip through them even go back to a previous track. It's perfect for just listening to a bunch of new and sometime random music. T0MM0 is a genius as you are not supposed to be able to...
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    Support (Issues & Problems)

    All good here. Raspberry Pi with Openelec, connects every time! I have had fusion connection issues on my ATV1 when using WiFi. I usually just plug it in to the network and then it connects.
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    Raspberry Pi RASPBMC Review / Setup

    I finally had a chance to throw Openelec on my Raspi! SUPER NICE! I'm not gonna look back either! Thanks all!
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    Great Movie I May Not Have seen

    An Oldie, but goodie! Roadside Prophets!
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    Cant watch anything:(

    I'm guessing your using ATV1? Which method did you use to get XBMC on it? If you used one of the methods that still gives you access to the appletv menu, try exiting from XBMC once in the appletv menu just go to general setting and check the wifi setting. Sometime it needs to be refreshed from...
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    Raspberry Pi RASPBMC Review / Setup

    Thanks for all of the input! Gonna try openelec this weekend!
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    Raspberry Pi RASPBMC Review / Setup

    Raspbmc, Openelc, Xbian, or Raspbian w/ XBMC? Hey everybody! Just curious what is on your Pi? running, testing, enjoying, or hating at the moment. I'm currently running RC5 all current with medium overclock. And RC5 set up with USB and super overclock, not really seeing the difference. But I...