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    Website scraper

    I'd like to scrape this movie website "". Display the movies and choose a movie to play. Can someone give me a hint how to do it. Is there a sofware I can use to do it or it need a complicated programming process. Thanks
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    Indigo maintenance

    How does the "Enable auto weekly maintenance " work? When I enable that option. 1) What day of the week does it work? 2) Does it work if the unit is off? 3) Will it clean: thumbnails, cache, Packages? 4) any notation message appear after things are cleaned?
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    Aeon nox skin problem

    I use c***ud tv and Aeon nox skin 6.0.1 in kodi 17.1 . If I run c***ud from video add-ons it comes up as list view. But If I put c***ud as a sub menu and run it always comes up as icon view. Even I change it to list view then I get out and come back it comes up as icon view again. Is there a...
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    Aeon nox skin problem with kodi 17

    I use Aeon nox skin on kodi 17. I take a category in an addon and bring it out the main screen. When I run it and when I press return to get out. It always come back to the main addon then I have to press another return to go to the main kodi screen. This is not the case in kodi 16.1 Anyone...
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    Aeon nox skin

    Aeon nox skin from 16.1 to 17 I use Aeon nox skin in kodi 16.1. When I update to kodi 17. I get a blank screen and stuck there. Is this because the Aeon nox skin? Can someone give me an idea how to fix this. If I use the regular kodi skin it works fine Can my bring my setups in aeon nox from...
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    Aeon nox skin

    I've tried to go to Aeon nox skin from kodi default skin with my Addons already installed . I got the message "Installation failed". If I delete all my Addons and start a new kodi. It works. Is there a way to switch to Aeon nox with all my Addons installed?
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    Circle turns forever without going anywhere

    Thanks for helping. I just found out the problem is with the"Israel live" Addon. Uninstall it everything works fine
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    Circle turns forever without going anywhere

    I'll do a refresh later. But this happens to all 3 boxes I have.
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    Circle turns forever without going anywhere

    When I go in to an add on to watch. The Circle turns forever without going anywhere. For example: I go into Ex**us->Movie->Latest Movie. The circle keeps turning forever. This seems to happen to all the addons. Anyone have same problem? or only at my box?
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    remote access a tv box

    I've just tried teamviw er.All I can do is to transfer files from my PC to the box.It doesn't give me any option to run Kodi to reconfigure it.
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    remote access a tv box

    They say "we can remote access to your box to fix the problem in Kodi with your permission"
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    remote access a tv box

    I've seen on ebay they sell the TV box fully loaded with Kodi and they said the can remote access to your tv box to fix the problem you have with Kodi. I wonder what program they use to do this? Can they run Kodi from our box just like from their box?
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    Parental Controsl not working with Kodi

    I can't get the "parental controls" work with Kodi. When I choose a plug in to protect. Get out, get back in Kodi it doesn't protect the plug in. Ii worked fine in 13.2 Anyone has the same problem?
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    This repo work with 13.2 but bot with Kodi

    This repo works with 13.2 but not with Kodi. Is there a way I can fix it myself? Thanks.
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    How to get rid of the advertising screen

    I've just installed this addon: It always displayed an advertising screen first when I come in any item. Anyone knows how to take this anoying screen off. Thanks.