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    Hi to all

    Hello from Saskatchewan, Canada!
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    Just popping in!

    Hi mang, welcome to forum.
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    Lots of people saying hello around here that’s for sure!
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    Time is running out!
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    Good morning.
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    Hi! I’m also looking to win one for myself.
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    Hello everyone

    Going for my entries here :)
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    Hi, glad you’re enjoying the forums.
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    Howdy y'all!

    Hello there, I’m going for some entries too!
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    Debrid & Add Ons.... Which Combination Provide the Best Results?

    There are 2-3 addons which all provide a top level source selection
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    Real Debrid Newbee ??

    It should show the conversion rate to USD on the premium page.
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    Hello there
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    Real-Debrid has been around since well before Kodi so a 6 month membership is a safe choice. Even in the unlikely event they shutdown a couple months in, you're really not out much money since it's so cheap. If you want to play it super safe you can sign up for 15 or 30 days at a time, though...
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    If you got a tv over 55 inches and a sound bar or sound system you will notice the better picture and sound quality you get with it.
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    Do you use a Debrid Service?

    I generally like to use SA*TS and my favourite is DDLvalley with rapidgator hoster but i mix it up and pick different ones all the time.