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    simpleVID app with regex support

    @streamwatcher2013 thank you for you help but your regex code not work look this code i postet works great maybe you can understand how it work. { "comment":"simpleVID Kids Math TV", "svChannel":{ "name":"kidsmathtv", "version":"1.0", "title":"Kids Math TV"...
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    simpleVID app with regex support

    I'm not an expert and need help on this site you can read how it works
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    simpleVID app with regex support

    Hi ALL simpleVID allows watching tv and videos from various online sources on your Apple TV. With simpleVID you can watch IPTV live streams or videos from various internet websites. Add a link to a channel or M3U playlist and watch what you like. You can create channels for your websites and...
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    Help for Regex

    can someone help and regex this channel Thanks in advance
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    Release iTV Player

    really bad its dont work anymore .-(
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    9Now Addon Can't connect to Aussie Repository

    yep can confirm its dont work downtime
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    Apple TV 4 Verification issue

    which addons are you using?
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    Kodi 17.6 issue

    memory has isue make factory reset and install it new clean install
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    New fire tv

    maybe the url is broken try another url
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    Hi ILuvMovies welcome. Its a small learning curve we all learned. We are all here to give you a hand but honestly the more you read and experiment with your device the better.
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    New to forum and need a lot of help.

    Welcome to the forum, take some time to read around and learn more. If you can't find what you're looking for the great people here will be glad to help!
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    Live Stream Pro Apple TV 4 Error

    ok solved works now
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    Live Stream Pro Apple TV 4 Error

    delete delete this thread admin
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    Hi everyone

    Hi, I'm new to all I think Kodi will be an interesting challenge. so will be on here looking for some help.