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    I have a question about music

    Wow, on other forums here you mention you are running Win 10 on a pc and are now playing somewhat bumb. With 300+ posts one would assume you know your way around a pc or even an apple device.
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    Jango not working

    Sadly, Jango add-on not working on Kodi 16.x &17.x for a while now. Is this a dead add-on? Thanks.
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    xbmc on fire tv home screen

    Thank you, this worked! My AFTV is now sporting a shiny XBMC logo :)
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    xbmc on fire tv home screen

    How do you change the thumbnail for IkonoTV ( I cant get ClassicTV) to an XMBC icon if you sideload TVMC? I tried using the option to configure Llama and select the option to change the thumbnail using adbFire but it complains that Kodi is not installed (which is true), so it looks like this...