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    addon pvr ther'isnt

    if on isengard try system>addons> search>ok and type PVR>done a list should then appear,but as said these so called fully loaded boxes are best wiped with "fresh start"and loaded from scratch. pvrs are pre-loaded again with Jarvis clicking on system>addons> "my addons" should bring a list up...
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    repositories wont install

    just done a new install of "natko" from fusion and its working perfectly and so is Cas**way,check your network connections and that fusion was added correctly as a source in file manager
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    how to install openelec on mx2

    yeah just tried it again and its working fine thank s for reply
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    how to install openelec on mx2

    Hi, cant get the zip file on page1 to download it just says waiting for mediafire but nothing happens,It may be just me?
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    automatic updates

    just to add it took a while but have found the reason for some sub menus returning to default on switching the box off.I had a 7 shortcut display returning it to a 5 shortcut display cured the fault,this was on an mx2 openelec box running gotham
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    automatic updates

    Yeah have now investigated this add-on and have removed it from all my devices thanks
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    automatic updates

    Thanks for reply I don't have to uninstall it just reinstall after the update I"v stopped the issue on my windows7 installation but ,to be honest I don't actually use the add-on because as you say there are plenty of other addons.but I do play around with them and just wondered if the automatic...
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    automatic updates

    when you go system>addons>ok you can move L/R to bring up a sub menu "misc options" where you can change automatic updates from on to either off or notify/never(depending on your kodi/xbmc version) I would like to keep it on notify but everytime my mx2 boxes are put on standby it reverts back to...
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    hello all

    Hi all just started to play around with kodi on an mx2 so I"ll be trawling the forum for tips etc:I"m not too well up on IT but if I have any Tips myself will pass them on. dick b