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    How save is Real-Debrid (Datalogging)

    Some valid points raised, thanks for making this thread. Also I am curious and welcome other members knowledgeable input here.
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    Newest breaking News.... website/domain seized today 3-31-17

    SWAT is at my door. Better stop watching my fave TV show :) @Meep take your point! Sarcasm on a forum sometimes gets misunderstood :o Just makes me chuckle at the hysteria this has generated :D
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    Newest breaking News.... website/domain seized today 3-31-17

    With all these laws being passed by Trump and May in recent times, this could well become real in the very near future :( If your life just r******s around Free streaming be prepared. Suggest we all get some new hobbies and pastimes in case :)
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    Rel**se **B issue

    Maybe another developer can fork it :confused: Sure is a useful add on.
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    Rel**se **B issue

    I recall him saying that it will only work with Jarvis Kodi now ?
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    UK ISPs to Start Sending ‘Piracy Alerts’ Soon

    More mail for the junk folder :D
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    Release AccuRadio Audio Addon

    Nice :) Look forward to gettin' my ears 'round this one!
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    [REQUEST] AccuRadio

    Yes think an addon here would be a great addition :D
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    Video 1080p Real-Debrid

    FYI i use the Nvidia shield with SPMC, Real Debrid and HEVC X265 works a treat :D
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    Video 1080p Real-Debrid

    Try SPMC for HEVC X265, you can install it alongside Kodi if you want to test first. I use it with great results. Available in playstore.