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    No Config Wizard

    Just an FYI as I am sure it will be figured out with time, but even installing individual repos from fusion won't let me download the addons from the respective repo. I get a "cannot connect to repo" error. Is this the old fashion way or is it the old old fashion way using tiny umbrella and...
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    Indigo Tool "Slow or no Download available"

    Unfortunately none of the repos are working from zip, I think there is a bigger problem going on than just the indigo tool not connecting or downloading. I believe it is being worked on as we speak/type
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    ouya vs amazon fire tv. speed /stability who has both of them??

    I agree with mj71, it was extremely easy for me to install spmc on my fire tv using adbfire. Took maybe 15 mins. I have had an ouya for a couple of years and had an apple tv 1 in my bedroom. The fire tv replaced my apple tv 1 and works great. It seems faster than both my other boxes. I still...
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    buying a firetv

    SPMC is a version of xbmc that a programmer named koying has modified for android boxes, except for the splash screen it is virtually identical except it works better in my opinion. I use 13.3.2 I believe. This program makes it very easy...
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    buying a firetv

    I just got one a couple weeks ago when they went on sale on amazon for $84 and I must say it was incredibly easy to setup with xbmc. As far as I know there is only 1 version, I used a program called adbfire to sideload spmc and xbmc using my mac. I did not root it and it updated on its own a...
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    Sleep MODE

    Is it detrimental to the box to not put it in sleep mode? I assumed that it can stay on all the time and I just turn off my tv. That is how I treat my ouya for last year and seems fine. Only had my fire tv for a couple of days though.
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    Apple TV Crystal Ubuntu without broadcom card?

    I think you can run it without the card, you could always just boot it from the dongle and not download it to your harddrive to test it out. That way if it doesn't work no harm no foul. I have an atv1 w/ the card and running crystalbuntu and I really like this setup. I use a powerline adaptor...
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    Ouya doesn't work after today's XBMC update!

    After the update my sound was in slow motion but changing the audio setting to 2.0 fixed it. I use the store version of xbmc and was not looking forward to setting up a new side loaded version.
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    Make Roku channel for XBMC on Ouya & stream android apps to Roku (ABC, NBC, CBS)

    Kinda confused as to the question also but I have seen a plex app in the ouya discover store
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    139 makes the button next to home on the mele pro the U button. It looks like a shelf or dresser to me. I don't have a problem with it and I did delete the wake_dropped. As for the volume buttons I don't think they work for xbmc but they do work on the ouya menus. Showgun has a mapping for...
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    need some advice

    I started my xbmc experience with an atv2, then I came across an atv1, and now I also have an ouya. The atv2 was great to start with but is definitely at the bottom of the three. Atv1 and ouya can handle hd content much better than atv2. I can not speak for other android boxes as I haven't...
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    Internal storage

    Ouya system is listed as 11.41 mb. It's weird under storage settings > apps it says 807 mb but then under apps > all it says 3.9 gb used. I can't find the files that are using all that space. Is there a " show hidden files" setting in ouya like in xbmc?
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    I agree with showgun, it only takes mins to modify the generic.kl to work with the f10 pro. Assuming you have read his first post and have a root file manager installed there are only 5 things I change. 28 change to button_a 102 change to button_b 139 change to button_x 84 change to button_y...
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    Internal storage

    I am hoping someone can help me find some space on my internal storage. Under storage settings my ouya lists- total space: 5.78 gb, Apps: 807 mb, Available: 1.68 gb. Obviously the numbers don't add up so I am wondering where to look for the files ( if any) that are eating up my space. I have...
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    Gotham in ouya?

    Yes you can sideload Gotham. I believe you could do it today with one of the nightly versions