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    Normal Exit From Kodi No Longer Works on My Fire TV Box

    Perhaps the devs here could please look into creating a maintenance tool that when set automatically clears cache and purges packaged on shutdown or start up. That would be nice......... Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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    Sometimes box / stick related, was having problems playing through my Android TV - but last night through a new fire TV box absolutely no trouble at all. You can also try changing the default player in settings (this used to help, but I'm going back a bit). Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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    Still No Help...

    Not too many Linux mint users here I imagine so that will possibly be why no one answered the first time around. Have you tried a forum dedicated to your OS? Or perhaps the official kodi forum (don't mention specific addons if you do) - these may be better to aid you with your problem.
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    iptv not working on firestick

    If you are speaking of the addon I think you are then there is a separate version for the fire stick (not subscription based)
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    Server Busy

    In the UK I can only view the site during the day. It was my favourite forum to visit but I hardly ever bother coming here now as its a pointless exercise.
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    TV show addon

    KinKins tv online might be worth a look.
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    Installing VPN directly to Fire Tv

    Pretty sure you need root access for p.i.a to work on Android (I could be wrong though as have never tried it without).
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    Why is this thread closed?

    Hope you stay around dkplayerclub, a lot of helpful people have wandered off in the last 6 months or so and it would be shame to lose another. That said I agree with your stance, I once commented on a whole thread being deleted only to be branded 'a troublemaker' by a moderator simply for...
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    Fire Stick for £19 in the UK (today only 15th July 2015)

    I grabbed one,i'm a prime member mainly for the delivery service. Its arrived and i look forward to setting up kodi on it later.
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    It works okay on android, but no further discussion here from myself - the developer is banned from this forum and I respect the rules.
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    What happened to Showgun?

    Still here but under a new name perhaps?
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    In the big thread mentioned by FXB78 an alternative iplayer is mentioned.
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    Set Android Box to Boot TVADDONS on Startup Automatically

    An app called kodi (formally xbmc) launcher in play store should work for tvmc.
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    Addons Listing Streams They Don't Have

    If your in the UK without a vpn then your choice is shortened for sure. I have gone to watch a movie many times and found no stream available but switch the vpn on and the movie plays very quickly (on autoplay).
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    NUC BIOS and Boot Order Problems

    The last bit from stammie has for me always been the thing to do, for some reason openelec was often temperamental with different usb sticks Once I even had to change the pc I was compiling the stick from for it to work properly.