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    help with kodi modules..

    Everything you should need is here -
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    kodi and real debrid

    You have to enter the code as it appears or else you may miss the timings and the code that was displayed to you will be no longer valid Just bring up RD on your phone
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    YouTube not working

    This addon is an official addon that is supported over at forums, best to ask them over there As far as I know it's no longer being maintained
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    Kodi Announces Legal Action to Smash Piracy Links

    The name isn't being used (in my opinion) in a way that infringes on their trademark, it is (or should be) perfectly fine to say 'Unofficial Addons for Kodi'
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    Clear Cache?

    It's due to the size of your cache getting filled to it's max, have you changed any settings in the advancedsettings.xml file? Also, what device are you using?
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    Help with fusion setup please

    Are you located in the UK? Do any error msgs come up in Ic*f*lms?
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    Apple TV 4

    Link? I see nothing on search results.. but since we can 'side load' using xcode, jailbreak isn't as necessary as it once was
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    auto set view

    Yep, best way to learn is to read the code of some of the addons First thing is to set the content type, I'm not sure of all possible values but most of us only use: None - it's just a menu list or other non-defined list tvshows movies Use this command to set the content type...
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    Add-ons not working - help please?

    Speed should be more than fine, so if your wifi has good connection then you can rule it out But, just for us to help you verify, you can do a log or even just take a picture of your screen where you added fusion.. if you get a connection error then it's definitely a typo somewhere, or wrong...
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    Add-ons not working - help please?

    Smack your friend for installing that crap on your box.. pronto! Better option is to do as suggested here with fusion, next time you can give us a log or a screenshot so we can see what you were doing wrong I wouldn't bother with the powerline adapter, but worth a shot at least.. buffering...
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    [REQUEST] Powerwatch

    Which site uses this host? Need sample links
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    Apple TV 3 no jailbreak

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    Anyone Working On Addons For Kodi Apple TV 4

    What do you want to discuss? There's really nothing for us to do but sit and wait while the Kodi dev's do their work.. eventually they will have everything working including the addons
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    What is the point off keeping broken addons in repos when they ont freaking work.

    How about reporting broken addons to the correct places instead of coming on here and ranting like a jackass? We all have better things to do then testing those 500+ addons
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    It's a bit complicated to explain it all, but typically file hosters use servers located elsewhere to host the actual files