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    Olya box

    TheLion It does work, it is a little tricky to install but It only takes me about 45 minutes to complete the process and works with no issues at all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Olya box

    The mod requires some pretty decent knowledge of computers and good at following directions. It will remove the OUYA menu and you will be left with normal android OS and home screen at a version which I think is KitKat 4.4 and you will be able to install the latest version of Kodi. If you don't...
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    Olya box

    Need more detail or a log Your best to delete Userdata and start fresh. I believe you can only run Kodi version 14.2 and lower since 16.1 requires a higher android OS version unless you cyanogenmod it. Make sure you are installing version 14.2, once installed before loading any other addons...
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    So even following the guide from the official Kodi site you still can't get it?
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    How to I un-root my fire tv ?

    Just do a factory restore if you don't care about root anymore. If not you can do the clockwork mod I believe if you want to update, xda developer forums can direct you on how to do that.
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    Request Ikon kodi launch icon gone

    More than likely since that app was purchased under your account it won't show up on his. Use Firestarter instead, I have mine set so when I double click the home button it starts KODI, single click takes me to Fire TV home
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    Kodi on ouya??

    Version 14.2 will still load and yes you can still D/L older versions
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    Kodi on ouya??

    The problem with OUYA is the android OS is too old and they did not upgrade it, I believe its around 4.1 which will only run up to KODI version 14.2, Kodi 15.0 and above will only work on android OS 4.2 and above. The only work around is to do the Cyanogenmod which blows the OUYA software away...
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    I have a few questions

    Did you go to settings > System > Developer Options and turn on ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown
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    Seasonpass No Longer Works On MAC?

    Try plugging into the Mac and restore in iTunes then try seas0npass again
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    Fire TV problem Hi everyone feels great to part of the community

    Sounds like the debug info, Go to system then system then debugging and make sure Enable debug logging is off
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    ATV2 how to change skin as new install crashes all the time.

    If you know how to SFTP and SSH into the Apple you can navigate to the Kodi folder then to userdata and edit the guisettings.xml Exit Kodi first This should work but not 100% guaranteed, if it doesn't then use option 2 You can do a replace all skin.blackglassnova with skin.confluence Save...
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    PIVOS XIOS DS Media Play Question for Kodi

    Go to the Pivos Forums and grab the latest TOFU Linux on XIOS DS, I have to say it is the best release to date for the DS and it is supported by Pivos Group which I believe they have hired on Hydra to start coding official Pivos releases like this one. PM me if you need more info
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    What platform do you running Kodi on primarily?

    Pivos DS and XS running their version TOFU Linux based on KODI version 14.1 Very happy with the speed and stability
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    kodi keymap default

    There are a few extra tweaks in that code as well.