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    MP3 Streams not working

    Still working for me, takes over a minute to open a stream though. Not sure why.
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    MP3 Streams not working

    Are you using the default settings? Did get mine to stream something today but takes well over a minute to begin streaming once a track is selected and some selections did not stream again when selected for a second time. Hmmm, not sure mine is set up correctly.
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    MP3 Streams not working

    Up until recently at least, MP3 Streams worked fine but now will not stream at all on Firestick. Is this the case for all out there? Tried a search but not results on this. Thanks.
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    Hello to you all

    Hello to you all. What a great forum you have, just got into the world of Kodi. Looking forward to participate and learn and maybe help in the future. Regards. Griffmaster.