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    NordVPN for Kodi: great deal!

    I just turn on the app, then run Kodi on my device. I guess it depends upon the servers I'm using.
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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    Best bang for your buck indeed. One of the few decent options as far as Boxes go.
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    fire stick vs Nvidia shield?

    Jailbroken? If not, how did you get to make Kodi work on your iOS?
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    Beware of PureVPN

    doesn't matter too much on Kodi, unless you're streaming something that can get yourself into trouble if you're not using a VPN. Check out the policies of any provider you sign up for. IF possible, get in touch with their support too.
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    Do you have the roms for the respective games? And the bios? You'll need them to play the games like for instance if you're trying to play a neo-geo game (say, kof98) on your FB Alpha, you'll need Kof98's rom as well as neo-geo bios like 000-lo.lo and others.