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    Youtube Playlist videos as STRM files

    There are several youtube channels that offer movies for free and legally. Most of the times these are offered as playlists. I am looking to create a batch script that does the following. Read Youtube Playlist and get the list of Video Ids (I am able to create the list without any problem)...
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    [REQUEST] FIRSTTUBE.NET video-addon

    Hello, seems to have a good links for most of the indian movies. Can anyone take a look and see if it is easy to create an addon for it. Thanks
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    PlayOn for XBMC on Apple TV

    The channels that are listed on playon are those live streams or on demands videos? I see tbs, nick, Disney and all but I am not sure what it is. If anyone is using it can confirm that would be great.
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    [REQUEST] Scraper for Indian Movies

    Guys, I came across a site that has a lot of information for Indian Movies. If anyone of you could take a look at it and see if it is possible to have some kind of scraper that would be great. I do not know much about this site but seems like they have a lot of movies with a lot of...