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    Kodi menu custom command to re-authorize real debrid

    Not tested but providing you have the correct arguments this may work. xbmc.executebuiltin("RunScript('plugin://script.module.urlresolver/','-1','?mode=auth_rd')")
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    Complimentary Kodi program's / tools.

    I have a few program's I use to control Kodi, I was in the process a while back of writing out a few guides on external programs I find useful ( mainly on my phone) to help me control and modify Kodi. I'm LibreElec user so obviously most bits will be unrelated to Android. It's mostly about...
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    PrivateInternetAccess - Top VPN Provider

    IPVanish are good, there's no doubt about it they are one of the best. However your find lots of people recommend them on their sites because they get a referral bonus. If you click the link from Vpnalert which you pasted it takes you too IPVanish to subscribe but if you read the http link you...
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    What's up with all of those null files?

    I'm not an experienced coder at all. But since you have had no reply im going to have a go. I believe. files are used to mark all the files in the directory as python files, and is serves the other purpose of automatically initalizing the python script. I think It can be blank null...
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    Keep losing Real Debrid Authorisation

    Happened to me the last on the last few Urlresolver updates. Think this may be an issue with that. Not sure if effects all platforms or only Unix.
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    How to remove a movie from Favourites

    Go into your favourite folder, then highlight the movie and bring up the context menu. You should see the option then
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    Running two VPNs?

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean.. If you are running Kodi on your PC/Desktop then using the desktop tool from your vpn provider to connect to your vpn will protect you when using Kodi or anything else your open on your desktop, providing your on the same computer. If your running Kodi...
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    YouTube Updating

    Just be a bit wary though, version bumping seems common practice amongst some groups, broken addons can unfortunately be a few version numbers higher then official "working" versions, stopping users getting updates. When comes down to it sometimes I think you need to weigh up if the addons in...
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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    No I have another generic Amlogic s905x but I run LibreElec, I've never liked running Android version of kodi. If I were to buy one now though it would be the mecool pro + I suppose it really comes down to if you like to tinker. If you don't then the mi box is a better for you, if you do you...
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    YouTube Updating

    The Youtube repository and the kodi repository currently have the same version number ? If you have a repository that is trying to bump the version numbers of addons they don't maintain then I it says something about the owners of that repository, they should at least fork/rename the addon if...
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    Mi Box best bang for your buck

    I think the best bang for buck now is the MECOOL M8s Pro + it has exactly the same Amlogic s905x as the mi it also has DRM wideline lever 1 and is HDCP so that means it's endorsed and you get Netflix 1080p. It also comes with an Ethernet port and is cheaper then the mi box plus you can dual...
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    No longer worth it?

    Your right the user will have to check the file paths they can be found on the kodi wiki pages. Generally speaking the .kodi folder should be all you need to backup, this will include all addons as well as userdata. If your using an embedded Linux system like LibreElec you may also want to...
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    No longer worth it?

    Yes you can take a backup up any setups .kodi folder, if it's two far fetched, then there is a addon in the kodi repository called "backup" I'm not sure how well it's working at the moment though.
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    How do you know if your box has been compromised by subtitle exploit?

    I think meep is right about the subtitles exploit. To be honest the greatest risk on kodi is what addons you install. This isn't related to a virus, it's also off topic, but it highlights a issue.. There was a disscusion recently on the OpenElec then on the LibreElec forums. A user found that a...
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    Dish Network Sues ‘Zem*V’ and ‘TV Addons’ For Copyright Infringement

    Yes thats all I meant, some devs push updates to disable their addons, you may get another hour,day,month out of an addon before it dies who knows