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    Custom skin or build ?

    Found what i was looking for. Builds have opened up a new dimension to AFTV for me. A**s W***rd should help anyone with similar interests. Now back to Ex**us!
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    Custom skin or build ?

    Hi people. I witnessed a another KODI install over the weekend and would like to know if anyone can identify it. It was on an oil rig and i'm not there now otherwise i would ask. It was using firestarter for fire tv stick and then loaded Kodi as a side app. When it loaded it looked great. It...
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    Request KODI Function Request

    RavRob - If only I had of read your post first. Haha. It lasted about 2mins. because I mentioned Genesis...
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    Request KODI Function Request

    dkplayaclub, Like a lot of users i tend to only come looking on the forums when i need help with stuff so thanks for pointing out Eldorado, thanks for the reply. I understand what you are saying, what about a location option before you get to the sources based on results of a poll of...
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    Request KODI Function Request

    Hi. Not sure if you have a thread for the forum community to request functions within KODI. Maybe one should be created... My request would be for someway for me to identify which source is closest or best for me to use depending on my location. Now when you click on a film for example you get...
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    M8 vs Amazon fire Tv

    I also bought the AFTV and the M8 to replace my ATV2 - couldn't decide which to get so bought both and thought i'll keep the one i prefer. After just under 2 weeks of using both the M8 is going back. The remote is a complete let down, cheap and that terrible old button click sound on every...
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    Discontinued apple tv2

    Yeah, I'm a little gutted by this also. Strike, up until now the ATV 2 is for me the 1 box that does everything i want. If netflick can stream 720p movies no problem then my simplistic view is why can't tvaddons do the same. I still use the Go series and these work fine most of the time, until...
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    Updated and wished i never

    Hi All, Long time user of XBMCHUB here, i'm sorry to say though i think its gotten worse. Far too many updates and add-ons. We as "customers" just want simplicity. I do recognise that there is people out there that want all of it though. Maybe give us a choice as to how our system runs. The...
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    Playing films from my NAS through xbmc

    Hi I have a NAS drive which I want xbmc to find and play the movies and music which are stored on it. How can I do this?
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    Save your xbmc Everything

    That's great news! I didn't realise it stored everything.
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    Top 2 add-ons

    Hey, with all the choice available but some things work and some don't it would be great if we knew where we could go for the following sections, as voted for by members of the forum and you can change your vote at anytime. So, Where to watch: Sky movie channels Sky sports channels Box office...
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    Save your xbmc Everything

    So I have my atv running latest iOS tethered jailbreak and my xbmc fully add-on'd up and all configured and customised. The question: If I lost the power from atv is there a way to load my exact copy of xbmc back to the device after jail broken again? Thanks all - these forums are the best !