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    Audio Problems

    While the movie is playing have you brought up the sub menu and clicked on the audio button? Also System, audio, is HDMI selected or something else?
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    Real debrid experience

    Not meaning to highjack this thread, But Comcast is starting to charge for data usage, Mofos! (Yes that's stream videos)
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    Need your advice on how to watch TV

    Just to add to waspish post, after you select a show that you like and add to your favorite on Genesis, the list will look like this; Movies TV Shows Channels My Genesis Latest Movies Latest Episodes TV Calendar Tools Search When you click "My Genesis" Trakt info should be there, scroll to...
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    Initial Release OSMC Kodi 15 on USB For ATV1...HDD install looks imminent

    Thanks for the heads up, been using the "Unofficial" release, from chewit, been running nice and smooth. Will have to try this.
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    Headline News (HLN)

    Is there still a "woody" section?
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    Beyond Frustrated with AFTV Stick

    @Freshontheboat, are you trying to side load via wireless? I've noticed that I have to use hardline (cable) to side load at times, even having to reboot my PC.
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    Kodi Isengard RC

    Been running RC since the 2nd, so far running very well.
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    my AFT buffer skipping

    How's your internet connection? Any other app giving you problems like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc?
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    Netflix no longer working

    @Wodehouse, sorry was away and did misunderstood.
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    Launch Kodi from Home Scren

    Also a side note, I also did the Amazon app synch and it never showed up, funny thing? It did showed up in my friends FTV box which I did for him, who happens to live a few blocks from me.
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    Launch Kodi from Home Scren

    First step first Now you can do these steps.
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    Netflix no longer working

    @peji911, My suggestion, Reboot your FTV, either unplug, or hold the OK button along with the play button for 7 sec, should do the trick, when it reboots, force stop Netflix and clear cache. Try out Netflix, This works for YouTube as well. Hope this helps.
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    Kodi keeps freezing

    Not knowing the box or which version of Kodi (Kodi 14.2 “Helix” or Kodi 15.0 “Isengard”) your testing with, I'm sure some of the folks here might be scratching their heads, LOL. Just MHO I would do a Fresh Start and re-install, reminder that some Add-ons and or Repo are not discussed here...
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    No, not right now and maybe never. On the OSMC forum they have a thread on testing Kodi, I haven't finished reading the entire thread, Will follow the steps and see how it all goes.
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    New poster

    Hi rontom, I believe you post a log file in the section that you are having an issue with. So say you are having an issue with Na*i-X, go to that section post what issue or issues you are experiencing and upload a log file for the team to look at. Taken from s7eele signature How to submit a...