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    Jynxbox and openelect

    Google Jynxbox Pure Linux, it's developed specifically for the Jynxbox. Not sure if CodeSnake's version of OpenElec will work on your box, but could be worth a try
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    Recommend me a box please.

    M8 or S82 with OpenElec (but make sure you get the right box, there's loads of different types). There's no point buying anything else. OpenElec/ Linux is good because it loads straight to XBMC, and uses less memory, so it runs faster and smoother
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    Best box on the market to run xbmc?????

    M8/ S82, you can install Linux onto it
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    Android SetTop Box Master Thread. Buy, Don't Buy, User Advice & Reviews

    This is the wrong thread anyway, this is for pros and cons of different devices, not for help and support. If you PM me or start a new thread in XBMC for Android section, I'll offer you more help
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    Newbie with a new Box

    Where did you buy it from? Fully loaded usually means it's full of addons that you either don't need or don't work at all. You've made a good choice coming here to actually learn how to work things. Take a look around and see which addons are best for you
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    External Parser-Plugins for the P2P-Streams Addon

    This addon is so good, it's a shame you won't be maintaining them. Hopefully someone else will step in, Nevertheless, thanks for sharing them and not deleting them completely
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    Send it all to external?

    I had a similar problem on my Q7 Android box. I used FolderMount to mount the Addons and Addon Data folders to the internal storage which had more space. Note - this doesn't work for the whole userdata folder, or the thumbnails folder (use path substitution for that)
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    old noobroom site

    Just had a look, it's nothing like Noobroom I'm afraid. I hope it's not the replacement, because that site is terrible
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    New android box flickery video playback

    Read the link I posted, install that firmware, then see if it's still choppy. You need a male to male USB lead to do it
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    New android box flickery video playback

    Try the firmware from here. Then install XBMC (they seem to prefer a custom build of XBMC so try what they say and see if it's any good) It's an RK3188T, what's mediacodec?
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    New android box flickery video playback

    Have you changed the firmware on it? Every review I've read about these boxes say you need to change the firmware (usually because playback is choppy). I bought one the other day and am in the process of changing the firmware, but mine's a Q7. Never heard of an sr13 I'm afraid, have you opened...
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    New android box flickery video playback

    I'm going to pretend you're not being ungrateful and ask you what box you have?
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    Android SetTop Box Master Thread. Buy, Don't Buy, User Advice & Reviews

    MyGica ATV1200: Flashed with Linux (pretty easy to flash, once you find the right rom). Works flawlessly when setup, plays 720p live streams and movies with no problems. Cost = £80 AML8726-MX Box: Also flashed with Linux (a bit trickier, takes a lot of trial and error to find the right...
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    Which Android box to buy?

    I bought an MX box off eBay for £45 all in, no extras needed. It works perfectly, and does everything any other device can do. If you want to pay double for something that can potentially load a menu 1 second quicker then it's up to you, but when people say you HAVE to spend around £100 they're...
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    any recommendations for a skin

    I personally like Aeon Nox, it's more customisable than any skin I've ever tried