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    Hello from Uk

    Welcome to the forum Keith [emoji106]
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    New to kodi

    Welcome to the forum.
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    new to this, but not my 1st experience

    Welcome aboard. Have fun learning as much as possible[emoji106]
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    Newbie neeing help with new amazon firestick with alexa

    I would stay away from using builds if I was you. You won't get much support here running a build. It's better if you install a custom skin like Xonfluence or Aeon Nox and build your own kodi, that way you know what dose what, and it's a great learning experience.
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    all streams stopping

    It sounds like your experiencing connection problem's. Try using a ethernet cable and see if it helps.
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    all streams stopping

    People need to know what decide, Android, Windows, Linux and also what Add-ons your trying? If it's a preloaded device the best thing to do is to Start Fresh and add Fusion as your source then install only the Add-ons that you use.
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    New here!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hi tvaddons

    Welcome to the forum.
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    trakt usage

    Get yourself a account. I've had one since 2013 and it a must have if you use SA*TS or Ex**us.. it make life so much easier [emoji106]
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    Good evening. A new world opens

    Welcome aboard.
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    Newbie neeing help with new amazon firestick with alexa

    Try this.
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    Hello everyone .

    Welcome to the forum [emoji106]
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    Hi from Jo

    Welcome aboard.
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    Hi all

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Release TV show collection/watchlist

    Use trakt progress to watch the next episode of the shows your watching. It's not possible to stream every episode continually without picking a source for each episode.