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    Solved updating apps

    I have had a problem with exiting kodi for ages . I saw a fix here but no one has confirmed it Apps update all the time .one is TVGuide but it needs to be done manually. Before you exit kodi go to kodi/system/addons/available updates . Then update. You can now close kodi.
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    Shut down just locks TV box

    I have been having the same problem on my Android TV . Read all of the help . Then saw that I had installed a kodi media guide app which stopped kodi closing Sent from my Lenovo B8080-F using Tapatalk
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    please help me with the Trakt addon

    Trakt TV on Kodi is only for your own movie and TV programme on you system. It can not see SA*TS OR EXOUUS.. THEY HAVE TO BE actived separately ...but you know that. I contacted Trakt TV chat when this happened to me . And they told me to uninstall SA*TS and Ex**us .and try again .I did they...
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    Request Just a few questions (help)

    If you have kodi on your Xbox! Then any third-party add-on will work Sent from my Lenovo B8080-F using Tapatalk
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    Normal Exit From Kodi No Longer Works on My Fire TV Box

    I have this problem aswell .I have done fresh start a few times the exit button works sometimes . It looks like a crashe problem. When it does stick . I can put my Android TV into standby . When I switch it on next morning it's still on the exit screen. Sent from my Lenovo B8080-F using Tapatalk
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    Setting Up Profiles with different Trakt accounts

    If you use the Trakt V add-on on kodi ,is only for your own files You have to authorise Trakt TV for each add used separately