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    What nuc to buy

    So if I'm going kodi only,I won't have any issues with this....I currently have aftvs but they randomly crash, and I love pseudo tv live which definitely would be nicer if it was quicker. I've been looking at htpcs and just don't want to go too cheap and screw myself over
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    AFTV and Kodi- Your opinion

    Recently, I have been experiencing more and more problems with the fire tv. I loved this thing from the get go but now loading videos is getting more and more laggy. I can run the same video on a tablet or phone and it works fine so it's not the source, it's the aftv. But for the most part it...
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    getting booted out of xbmc alot on my fire tv

    I have same issue. Tried turning off hardware acceleration and tried zero cache..... sucks because I got pseudotv live running really well and now it crashes all the time. ...I feel like it had to be a cache thing because it happens when a bunch of videos have been loaded through genesis or I...
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    Nas server

    Hey I'm still a bit away from this but I'm constantly trying to get more research done and keep finding new things. .... I want an htpc that I can use as a gaming center so was thinking of going with a good desktop. .... also want to run my home mostly off my library so was going to make sure I...
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    Sound help ASAP please

    Never mind. ... just deleted data and started from scratch
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    Sound help ASAP please

    So I've had the AFTV for a whilewithout any major issues. ..just started really getting into pseudo tv and was messing with it and was getting sub titles ....I read somewhere to hit m to bring a menu up and my xbmc crashed (no big happens all the time). Went back in and I have no sound...
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    The picture game

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    Limit To Fire TV Registrations?

    I make sure they change it to their own .....I do have a fake account but most of my friends want it because of Amazon prime. ..... I've been trying to teach them how to do it themselves so I'm not on call lol
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    Clockworkmod available for Fire TV

    I guess I never blocked updates even though I thought I did. ... now I'm not rooted so I'm waiting for the new root to comeout. ...unfortunately it looks like the fire tv doesn't have the following it once did so may take even longer this time
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    ouya vs amazon fire tv. speed /stability who has both of them??

    I posted this in another thread. .... Ok just in case people are like me and install a lot of these for friends and family,I made a quick script to run in terminal. Really not necessary but I put xbmc on my phone and set it up the way I like to give it to people. I ran xbmc backup and then...
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    ouya vs amazon fire tv. speed /stability who has both of them??

    I have pc .... but I always have issues getting all the sources for adb setup. .... plus on my phone I wrote a basic script to install xbmcs and configure it the way I want.... only takes a few minutes
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    ouya vs amazon fire tv. speed /stability who has both of them??

    I personally found it much easier to setup fire tv by using my cell phone then I did using the ouya
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    Direction please

    Thanksmam much appreciated
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    Direction please

    I've just recently started looking into an htpc and I apologize for posting this before I know more. ... however every 3 Web pages or forums I look at mention something new and I keep taking turns in my research that aren't getting me closer to what I want. when my wife and I finally sell our...
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    Ok I know volume control isn't available on the aftv but volume amplification works perfect. .... if you set the default to the middle and somehow change the controllers volume buttons to adjust amplification then you can have working volume control again with your remote without needed to...