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    Fire Tablet

    Put the Google Play store on your tablet (Google how to do it, there is step by step instructions). Then Download KODI from the Play Store.
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    Linux or Windows?

    I run it on both and have experienced nothing either way that would make me lean to one or the other. Really, whatever floats your boat. Though Linux does have a much smaller footprint if you're concerned with data storage.
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    fire starter

    Factory reset and start from scratch. It takes maybe 1/2 hour following the guides on here and the guide for Firestarter on aftvnews.
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    What kind of internet speeds are required for sharing a addon?

    Not sure about an answer, but if you're looking for cartoons, check out Pho*nix.
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    Tired of Buffering when playing movies on Genesis

    Where are you located? Are you hard wired? Have you tried SA*TS, The Ro**l We, Velo**ty, or Woody's? Genesis is not terribly reliable these days.
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    Can you Keymap the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote for KODI?

    Hit the middle button on the directional pad when the movie or show is playing and it brings up the menu on screen where you can hit the stop button.
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    Keyboard blank when searching

    Did you activate the "7 Icons" skin? I did and ran into this issue. When I went back to the stock Confluence skin, the keyboard returned to normal.
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    That thing looks pretty sweet!
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    KODI and the APPLE TV

    I used to use the Apple TV, then had an Ouya, but have switched to the FireTV. It is awesome, you will not be disappointed.
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    AFTV Updates

    You can just block updates through your router, can you not? Now saying that, I have no idea if this is the correct thing to do or not!
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    Launch Kodi from Home Scren

    Nah, just follow this guide in the third post. Good luck.
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    add KODI to app menu

    This worked awesome for my brand new un-rooted FTV using adb 1.24. Just followed the instructions. Thank you so much.
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    Stable ARM release?

    The ARM one. Good luck, I've got he ATV2 and the Ouya as well and have replaced them both with my Fire TV.
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    kodi keymap default

    Wait a second. Do I paste this code into "Notepad" and then push it to my FireTv following the link from above? Thanks for the help folks!
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    kodi keymap default

    I have no idea how to do this... Blurgh.