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    not working add on list

    Transmogrifier installed: False , can not get it to install
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    not working add on list

    on windows 7, uninstalled kodi 15.2, installed kodi 16.1, installed Al*uc after all version, etc was updated.. here is snippet of log, i think is where the problem is...Al*uc not working. 7:23:23 T:2828 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the...
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    not working add on list

    I have tried about 30 addons, trying to watch the crown, a netflix original...none there a list of non working addons, i know it would be huge, as most dont, but it would save folks a waste of time installing them.
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    720 and 1080, is 480 dp

    why is it that so many movies say there in 720 are 1080, and yet they are in 480, why waste our time, why not just state its 480,
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    cant cut cord with kodi

    When i first got my kodi box i was thrilled, that i could kill my cable...after about 2 weeks of not finding content, not watching local channels, not watching movies, when i wanted, i posted a rant here and got bashed like crazy. I decided to give it another try...its been 3 mos now, and i have...
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    Wow I had no idea!

    i agree with you spidey, hats off to all that put the time in to the addons and repos. the bad thing is all the post about, free hbo, free premium channels, unlimited movies, etc...just use this smart media box with kodi.. then they get there box, and hbos, etc, unless you can...
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    Screen size issue

    how to fix 100 percent of the video problems: start a video are movie click on the film reel on the pause,fast forward on screen menu here you will find settings that do not appear anywhere else in kodi such ass, brightness,contrast,zoom,interlace etc. when done, click on make default for all videos
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    missing 3/4 of picture

    with the video,movie,etc running click on the film reel on the bottom right, then adjust setttings, and set as defalut.
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    Computer (Windows) Completely Freezing with KODI/TVMC

    i run kodi on windows 7 64bit, and no problems... make sure your direct x is updated.
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    you have to have a skin that lets u customize...i use cchelis under home menu you will have to add an addon set, 1 2 3 etc under addon shortcuts 1 2 3 etc go to line 1 and click, on right hand menu click on video , choose video then back out, and it will show on your home screen.. google videos...
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    U.S TV listings

    almost every addon here, under video addons, support ustv channels, c***ud,gorilla,channel pear, tons and tons.
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    Newbie with Tons of Questions!

    it sucks to be taken.. but you are not alone, many have went down that same road. a good box would be mx111 802 a logitech media keyboard is 24.00 kodi is free skins are free addons are free. you will not get every tv channels , and it is hard to keep up with live tv channels your not going to...
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    Request Getting Started

    go to settings go to install from zip install addon go to settings go to addons go to installed addons ar my addons, depending on what kodi build you have.
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    Kodi file size

    just make sure you get it from the official kodi site...
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    hello all

    thats a good box...i hope you did not toast it.