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    How to watch a stream from VLC

    Surely VLC is a stand alone media player as is Kodi as is Windows Media Player. I do not think they interact.
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    Skylink tv help

    Check which version of Android OS you have on your Minix. It has to be 5.x or above. If it is 4.x then it won’t work. Also, you are asking for trouble by using a known not-fully-stable versión of Kodi. Much better to use Krypton 17.6 provided, of course, your box is capable as per my first part...
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    No zip files

    Can you install the TVAddons own repo? If you have it already installed then uninstall it and try again. A small point but you have to be 100% accurate with your URL typing.
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    crypto infections

    Yes, but have you run the others?
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    crypto infections

    The TVAddons recommendation is spot on. I have just expanded that recommendation. It only takes a few minutes to Google, download, install and run. Could be a very useful few minutes indeed.
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    DOWNLOADING A STREAM- What Prevents Some Streams from Being Downloaded?

    If you have a keyboard and hit the space bar it will pause. Hit it again and it will resume but I do not know how long you get in between before it kicks out....if at all.
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    crypto infections

    Try Malwarebytes, Spybot (both free) and even the free version of Avast. They look for different things and you should choose the deepest scans if offered alternatives. Good luck.
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    malware queston

    There are plenty of free utilities, which take this problem seriously. For example, Avast, AVG, Malwarebytes, Spybot to name a few. Some have different levels of scans, but my advice would be to use the deepest ones which take the longest times.
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    Sound Not Synching With Video

    My suggestion would be to install Kodi again over your existing set up and see if all the Kodi ducks can get back in line. I strongly suggest you make a backup of your settings first, though. If that does not work then consider a clean install of Kodi and then a re-install of your repos etc...
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    URLResolver and RealDebrid issues

    The only thing I can think of now is that the add-ons are themselves defunct. Of course not being able to name the said add-ons severely limits one’s ability to help. Sorry but you do seem to have carried out all the usual checks.
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    URLResolver and RealDebrid issues

    SYSTEM, My add-ons, VideoPlayer InputStream. Click on that and enable both InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input. Also just check your add-ons are indeed enabled. SYSTEM, My add-ons, Video Add-ons and then enable all those add-ons you want to use. Note that enabling has to be carried out...
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    URLResolver and RealDebrid issues

    Are you sure your add-ons are enabled? Are the two items in VideoPlayer InputStream enabled?
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    URLResolver and RealDebrid issues

    Another thing to try is to reinstall Kodi over your existing set up. If there is anything wrong or missing within Kodi this operation will sort it. At worst it is a few wasted minutes.
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    INDIGO Ver 4.0.7. "Error reading thumbnails" message

    Thanks for the update to 4.0.8. The maintenance tool works as normal now.
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    Please help!! Kodi just erased all of it's data!!

    I am glad you have found Trakt of use. I think it is absolutely brilliant and all for free. Marvellous!